Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have to admit...

Yes, I KNOW I'm a terrible blogger. I'll admit that, BUT I have a few excuses!!
1.) Upon my return from Africa and calling my boss at my job with the elementary kiddos in Ames, she desperately needed a sub for 40 hours this past week and half of this week and next.
SO woah baby, that got my butt in gear for exhaustion.
One of the fieldtrips we took was to the ISU Dairy Farm, and here were our 'poop-proof' shoes/booties. Dad thinks THESE should be my 'weddin-shoes'...
2.) My sister moved back home, and till I get hitched in November- we're basement roomies again. However, through all the moving of my stuff from her bedroom/closet--back into mine, (hey, I acquired a few more things the three years I was moved out) it's caused a hurricane to blow through my room.
You should have heard the winds.
3.) My future hubby also had quite the move this past weekend as well. This apartment he moved into, just so happens to be the same apartment I will be moving into in three months! It's been real exciting moving around the furniture, decorating, etc for this soon-to-be apartment of mine as well. 

and that my friends,
has been my top three reasons for not blogging- especially about Africa. 
Along with not blogging,
has been the not wedding planning.
So here lies (that doesn't look right?) my pile of lists of things to do....
Wedding binder, yellow notebook full of "to-dos", journal, Bible...the works. Man oh man.

Okay, okay, okay- not the best excuses.
How bout this one?
I didn't have to sub today and my man had the day off too,
I convinced him we had to go to the pool today, because there was a 50% chance of storms tomorrow and we had a list of things to do in DM on Friday...
so we laid under this......

went down a few of these....

and caught a peek at this handsome man layin next to me....(later to find out he paid real, real, realllll bad for not applying suncreen during this slot of time) but what a looker!!!
 After all of these it's totally easy to see just why it's been so hard to sit down and pour out my heart of all my African adventures, right? :(
Or how my blog background got destroyed and looks like the African outhouse now.
Or why my to-do list for tomorrow looks like this:

**Don't judge the third from the bottom.  No, it's nothing to do with a wedding shower-I went to the pool two days in a row, chlorine is totally a disinfectant/counts as a shower. Plus, I've got a 'wave' in my hair that I can never get with daily showers! AND I've been busy :) 
....Just relivin' Africa days...shh.

Well, to be honest I still have to admit a few things.
For one, I'm a total night owl-
which is the only time I feel as if my thoughts and feelings really "come to me".  So it's times like right now that things "make sense" to me, and the fingers flow on the keyboard, journal, cards, letters, etc.
This doesn't jive well with the alarm clock that blares a few hours later.
What a bummer.
The other confession is that I have what I call "African Anxiety" when it comes to trying to process Africa and the people I encountered and what God taught me.
It's tough. Real tough.
So until tomorrow, or today? Just stick with me.
I promise by my next post, I'll not only look, but smell better. ;)

For now and until the whopper story of the twins come- please smile, giggle, and pray at/for these boys.

because they always, make me smile & giggle :)
and I can't help but to continuously pray for them.

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