Tuesday, August 9, 2011

more than a lover...

It's TRUE! 
He's the whole stinkin' package.
Yes, he's my fiance, and he's definitely my lovvvvvver, my soon-to-be husband, forever roommate, future father to our kiddos....
and he also just so happens to be my brother in Christ, 
personal trainer, co-shopper, Tropical Sno-spliter, permanent dinner date, movie critic side-kick,
 motorcycle pilot, prayer partner, pro-bono accountant, Mr, Positive Polly when I'm not, and
my BEST friend.

It's crazy how God knows what's best for you. Like, get real- I thought men like Beau only existed in my all time favorite movies??
You know, these ones:
Well, turns out- if you just wait and listen to the One who created you....
He'll provide.
He knows you best.
I'm so thankful for Beau Bradley Christiansen.
Blessed, privileged, grateful, blown away, 
those words don't even do my heart's emotion for him-- justice. Not even close.
As my good 74 year old friend Tom Parker I met in Africa would say,
"I don't love my wife, it's God loving her through me!".
Interesting? I thought so too. Think about it.

Man, is that quite a challenge, to love Beau- like GOD LOVES BEAU!
Holy. Buckets.
I know I'll fail at it, I have failed at it. 
I'm just humbly praying and asking God to give me the patience, grace, strength, energy, joy, gentleness, and the self-control to make a choice every day for the rest of my life, 
when it's tough, rough, ugly, out of the 'honeymoon stage', when we run into challenges, disagreements, etc,
to love Beau, God's son, like HE does. 
He deserves it. :)
I'm excited for the challenge, the privilege, the opportunity the Lord's given me to love Beau with my whole entire heart- as best I can here on this earth!
AH! I'm so thankful for him- my best friend, my prince, my encourager, the leader that he is, the man that God created him to be in Him!!

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Ashley Brekke Hinton said...

Love love LOVE this one :)