Monday, January 21, 2013

The Power of Prayer

Folks, listen here.

It's moments like these, aside from the obviousness of Creation itself, that I respectively wonder how anyone can not/does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and want to commit their lives to Him.

However, I do not believe in my great God just for the "perks" or blessings or the amazing things he does. But let me tell you, he has just blessed Beau and I by the MULTITUDES in the last week.

Wanna know why? Well, I'd LOVE TO TELL YOU!!!!!! (And I want to look back and remember this!) I must preface by saying, all of the glory and honor go to God. Beau and I are two very weak and helpless individuals, let me tell ya. Ha! Through this phase of weakness and helplessness....we have had zero choice but to rely on the Lord, who knows all. 

 I recently graduated from Iowa State with my Education degree. Yay!

You can start applying to be a sub (keeping in mind full time teaching jobs don't begin until the new school year in August) as soon as you find out you have been approved from the state, with a folder number through the Board of Education. I started applying like mad, I'm up to six schools that I've sent applications to, I believe. The very first one I applied to was a school I student taught at that I absolutely LOVED- on Wednesday, January 9th. It took a whopping three hours to complete online, and once submitted I heard back the next morning in an email that said their "sub pool was large, so not to be worried if I didn't hear back", great.

I literally read the email out loud to Beau, and said, "Well that was a waste of three hours, and what a bummer- that was the school I really want to sub at." Actually, when I had found out I would be student teaching at Gilbert, I had told my dad and Beau that it would be my DREAM district to work for. I've heard SO many good things about it, it's close to Ames- we're talking 10-15 minutes MAX. Turned out I had a phenomenal experience teaching there.

Well, a week had passed it's now Wednesday the 16th of January.....the rest of my applications were in the process of doing the whole background check process, so I wouldn't hear until the end of THIS week. By that evening, my Dave Ramsey twin of a husband was getting a little anxious, crunching numbers for this specific phase of life we're in. (He really likes numbers and managing our money well.) So naturally, as the leader of our home and provider of our family, he wants me to be able to get some subbing jobs as soon as possible.

That night, we laid in bed late into the night praying and asking God to provide for our family of two. Specifically, we asked God for a steady job this semester, whether it was subbing each day, landing a long-term sub job, whatever. We knew we'd need me to be subbing three days a week to bring home what we needed to move on with our current situation (more to come on this later). Which totally, is no guarantee. You can't bank on teachers getting sick every day, haha!

Thursday. I headed to my friend Maria's to hang out for the morning, where I got a call from a local number. I sprinted upstairs to take the call (but not without a little 2 1/2 year old tailing me, haha) and it was the principal of the elementary school. Hold it- God provided a phone call LESS THAN 12 HOURS LATER, answering our prayer. 
She mentioned she noticed that I student taught at the middle school and had a job offer for me. (insert pee your pants nerves) She then told me that they were in need of an associate (What's that? Some may know it as a "para"- or someone who works 1-on-1 with a specific student the entire day at school in the classroom) with a 1st grade student. Not only that, it was with my cooperating teacher's SISTER IN LAW that I would be working with in her classroom. They both have the same last name- too funny. The good news didn't end there, it's a FULL TIME job, FIVE DAYS A WEEK, FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! But God, we only asked of you a job three days a week....WoW.

Friday. I go in for an interview with the principal. (Funny story? I didn't know it was the principal I was talking to, how terrible is that? I missed that part when sweet little Gibson chased me up the stairs and she introduced herself over the phone the day before- haha! I thought it was a lady from HR) It went fantastic. Conversation flowed naturally, God really calmed my nerves while talking with her. Of which I asked Him to do before walking in there. :)
She also added that benefits, paid sick/personal days are also part of the package. Are you kidding me? THE BEST PART? How great of an opportunity this is to get your foot in the door for future jobs in this district, they always look internally first before turning them out to the public. WOW. (obviously, there is also no guarantee, but just a major plus) I'm not too worried about this yet. God will provide whether it's 'here or there'. Before leaving, she tells me she'll call back by the end of the day.
So, this was the verse I received via text from our local radio station- their "Verse of the Day" before my interview. Wow.

Monday (today). After a weekend full of anxiety, and Satan working double time at my self-worth wondering why I didn't hear back Friday afternoon.....and telling everyone that was praying for me that God is still good even though I "didn't get it", He must want me somewhere 7:54am while I was dead asleep in my bed....I get the call from her- apologizing for letting Friday get away from her, it was CRAZY a crazy day, etc- and "I'd love to offer you the job, can you start tomorrow?"(That's TUESDAY) My answer?

YES! YES! YES! (I might have said Yes! just once though, and I realize the above paragraph is so grammatically incorrect) 

I'm an official Tiger. In the district I so wished for. A full time associate to a special little 1st grader. Where I'll be immersed in the curriculum, getting to know staff and administration, and consistently walking into the same school day after day for four and a half months.

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. God showed up big time. HUGE. He knows just what we need, when we need it, and I can't even explain how much closer it has brought Beau and I, together, by coming before the Lord desperate for Him to come through. However, okay if He didn't. But He did, and we don't deserve it. But we are SO thankful for the blessings He has been showering upon us. Now more than ever, we are confident in our God and in His provision and guidance. He is good. All the time.

My prayer is that even when situations arise where our prayers aren't answered, or answered how we saw fit, that we would still praise God, we would still trust and follow Him and rest in His goodness.

God has a LOT more in the works in the Christiansen house, and I promise I will let God have the glory in whatever happens and share with you!

to be continued....

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