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FAQ: Our Adoption

FAQ: Our Adoption Story

Adoption is a very intriguing and interesting topic. I've always been fascinated by other family's stories. I loved to hear tidbits from their stories, experiences, advice, trials and triumphs, and how God worked in their lives. I'm still just as interested now that we're in our own adoption story. I thought I would compile a list of questions that we get asked the most. 

(I'll try to update it as much as I can, as we go) 

What adoption agency are you using?
An agency from West Des Moines, Iowa (you can contact me personally if you'd like more information)

Where are you adopting from?
a lovely little country in Africa (you can contact me personally if you'd like more information)

Why this specific country?
You'll have to read our story (whenever I get that written down, I'll provide a link here eventually) to understand that. :)

How many children are you adopting? 
Our son will be three years old in August 2014.
Our daughter will be a year in November 2014.

Are they biological siblings? 
No. But they will be siblings. :)

Why two children? 
We have plenty of room in our home and our hearts to unconditionally love two children.

How much does it cost to adopt them? 
Well, every agency, country, situation is different. Our cost for two children from start to when they walk in the door will be about $42,000-$44,000. (this is 'high' compared to some countries, and 'low' compared to others. They're all different.)

When are they coming home?
It's May 2014 as I type this, we've been told that it's likely by the end of this year (2014). We believe in the power of the Almighty God, and this could be different. Longer or shorter. :) We're obviously praying for it to be shorter. I'm specifically praying that we get to celebrate her first birthday WITH them!

Do you have to travel? 
Yes, we will have to be in country for approximately 2-3 weeks. (of course, it could be shorter or longer) We have to appear before the court, and also pick up their passports during this trip.

Are you having biological kids? 
That's not really up to us. :) Adoption, was our 'Option A'.

What do your family and friends think about your adoption?
We have THE MOST supportive family, friends, church, connection group, and work places as we go through this process. We are immensely blessed!

What happened to them? (I think this question refers to how they came to live in an orphanage)
We haven't discussed how or if we're telling their stories. On one hand, I think it's 'their' story to tell, but on the other hand, I am in awe of God's sovereignty and His hand in their stories. We'll see. (We have shared with our close family and friends.)

How can we help? What can we do?
Pray with us!!
Pray that God continues to protect our marriage, the children's health and safety (they are in WONDERFUL care currently)
Pray that God provides for our exact financial need for the adoption process!
Pray for our case worker within the USCIS who will be handling our files- promptly, efficiently, honestly, and however else you feel led.
Pray for FAVOR on our case for these two children. We don't deserve it, but we do ask of Him.
Pray that God will bless our family with bonding and attachment when they come home, even now while we're away from one another. 

Do you have a way to donate? 
Yes! Just not electronically. HA!

- Donate a financial gift
(Lots of options: you can contact me for an address to send it to, or if you'd like the name of the benefit fund we have set up, you can deposit a donation at your local Wells Fargo bank as well. Yes, even if you don't bank there. We can also fundraise through our local church.)

- Donate cans/bottles.
Every nickle and dime help! We will pick them up if you're in the surrounding area!

- Donate frequent flier miles to help in our trips to Africa and back!
Our flights will cost between $1,300-$1,500 for us round trip each. Little girl should be free, being she's under two years old. Little man will also have a one way ticket- HOME. :) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There it is- a start to some of the questions we're most frequently asked. If you have other questions, we're pretty much an open book! Feel free to ask! Even if we don't end up putting the Q&A on our blog...we can certainly chat privately as well! Certain things we will keep private for now. (pictures, names, name of country, name of agency, etc.)

We get it- adoption is 'foreign' to so many---and we want to help spread the word about how incredible it is, the challenges, joys, why we started this process, and share how God's hand is all over it!

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