Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Adoption Story: Part 2

Part 2:

I left off last post with my mom approaching Beau and I on a random Saturday evening about an acquaintance of hers, seeking her out at a high school wrestling meet, to tell her that Beau and I should get a hold of her about an adoption opportunity.

If you remember, God has been working on my heart to release my "idea" of what our family would look like. Beau and I were confident adoption would be the way we started our family. We were also confident we wanted two children 2+ in ages. However, God was working on my heart to not "stiff-arm" the idea of biological children...and a baby....Beau too. He started that on November 22nd when we visited our friends in the hospital after their sweet baby K was born.
(catch up here, for Part 1

Okay, here we go!
Saturday night my mom told me about this "adoption opportunity".

Monday night:  Beau said, "Kendra, why don't you email "C" and see what that adoption opportunity is all about?" I begrudingly said, "Okay". I contacted her and this was my message:
Hi C
So maybe this is super random, but maybe not since my mom relayed some info to get a hold of you to ask about some adoption organization. That's about all I know.
But here I am to ask!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Fast forward to Tuesday night. We had connection group that evening, and we went around the group and shared about our weeks. I may, or may not have blurted, "I think my heart is changing about a baby!"
Enter: Beau's dumbfounded, jaw-dropped, shocked, red face. (She's bringing up this baby thing again?)


We talked through it as a group. Then the men and women split into our groups for prayer time and to chat about what was on our hearts. When it got to me, I was so FULL of emotion, yet completely unable to SPEAK. I just started crying. Actually, sobbing. All I could mutter was, "Please just pray for me how you feel led."
Of course, in a room full of women, they all collectively say, "It's okay, you can tell us!"

"No, but I truly can't! I really can't!", is all I remember saying. I just remember feeling like my heart was going to burst...I explained it as feeling like I had a heart/feeling of EXPECTANCY and I just didn't know what was going on, and I was nervous and anxious, but just felt like something was COMING. (serious- ask them!) They so graciously prayed for me that night.

Beau and I left connection group that night, drove home in almost silence, and crawled into bed.

When we were all settled, lights off, ready to hit the sack, Beau reminds me about emailing the lady. I told him that I did last night, but hadn't heard from her.

Wednesday:at some point I hear back from "C"...

Hi! Long story, short: I have a good friend from Minnesota who's just opened an orphanage in ______, Africa...... I think I remembered visiting at a wrestling meet with you and it sounded like you had it in your heart to adopt a child from Africa. I thought of you as I was learning about this opportunity. Feel free to contact L through the site to learn more. You can sure tell her that I gave you that contact info. If you struggle to contact her through the site, you can contact her on fb. 
 Blessings - C

Wow! Well....okay! (I omitted the contact information for privacy reasons...but it was all THERE. What was I to do with THAT?!)

I share this all with Beau. He tells me to email "L" and see what it's all about.

Are you kidding me? Beau. Just stop! You said you don't want to start the process until the end of 2014....give it up. Most of all, don't get MY hopes UP! (that's what I was thinking) and I also may, or may not have communicated that to him either. (see- I was not pleasant in this season)

We both went to bed. And I thought, "Okay, I'll just message this lady and see what this is all about. God what is GOING ON? Should I contact "L", or shouldn't I?" 

End of Part 2!

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