Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two months(ish) HOME- Update!

Carver and Macy update: 

We just hit the two month mile marker this week, that we've been home from Uganda. The most frequently asked question we get is, "How are things going?"/"How are the kids adjusting?"

Errrrr.....Maybe I should do a little update!

To put it real simply, the kids have adjusted seemingly, SEAMLESSLY! We absolutely give credit to the Lord. I've prayed for their adjustment home since we started this whole thing over a year ago. 

We really think that a huge plus in the kids adjusting so well is that I lived in Uganda for a combined eight weeks, more specifically, a solid month at the end before coming home. All the "forever bonding and attachment" started in THEIR home country/culture/climate/with their food, their people, etc. 

I'm soooooo thankful for that time. It was obviously hard to be away from my BEAU, my family, my friends, my church body, my American conveniences, my bed, shower, Jimmy Fallon, etc. hahahaha! But it was sooooo different than the first trip I took by myself in July/August. (Where I was sick without Beau and longed to be home). God was so good to me in allowing me to see and be aware of, "You're going to miss this Kendra, enjoy being here, be present!" I'm so glad I was able to have that mindset the majority of the time. 

Back to the kids! 

Life with Carver and Macy:
- both are phenomenal sleepers. 10-12+ hours of sleep a night. 2+ hour nappers., from the get go. 

- both eat just about anything put in front of them.
- they are both wary of dogs. (In Uganda kids are told dogs/cats will eat them) so unless your dog is lazy, sleeping, or in a coma--- they are pretty skittish around them. Big dogs that are hyper, or even little dogs that are hyper, aren't for them. Our wonderful neighbors across the street have two small, relatively calm dogs, I feel like we are going through therapy with their dogs, they're so patient and gentle in helping us acquaint them with pups (both owners and dogs!). 
they do great (!!) with meeting new people. Of course they're shy, Carver whispers rather than speaking audibly before warming up, and when they do warm up- watch out! 
- they're both catching on to English soooooo quickly. We knew it would happen! I'm having trouble dropping my "African-English" accent as I explain or answer things when talking to Carver and Macy. You really have to curb your American English accent when communicating with Ugandans. (Any foreign country really, our pronunciation is very different) 
- each day I see the orchestrating of God's hand in confirming our decision (by His direction) in adopting two children. Their brother-sister bond is incredible. I love watching them interact together. 

- both enjoy the pool, going on walks, bike rides, the park, reading stories, visiting our family/visits from. 
(Grandpa's motorcycle)

First "home" pool visit! Success!!

(Training for a 5k with mom!)

Ice cream stops!

Those bike rides!!!

Grammy Julie, cousins Erica and Tripp!

Making brownies after our first home study home visit!! 

Life with Carver:
- he is the most helpful and joyful kid. Rarely in a "mood". He loves to help with the dishwasher, diaper changes of lil sis, mowing and weed eating with his little versions of both, dishes, putting laundry away, folding his blankets and making his bed, you name it. He follows Beau around the yard to do yard work, or if Beau assembles/dissembles anything. 

He helped Beau do yard work one day, and grabbed a giant stick and started "slashing" the grass with it. What was he doing? In Uganda they cut the grass with a giant machete by slashing the grass at an angle. He's seen that a time or two!!! 

- He pretended to do the "washing" with his Easter basket, the way they hand wash, ring out, shake out, and lay to dry- on our furniture around the living room- total Uganda style. So cute. 

- LOVES being read a "book-story". As in one word. Ha! 
- obsessed with anything with wheels: mainly hot wheels cars, aka "motorcars" and tractors. 
- he has THE BEST SMILE AND EYES. We literally cannot go out anywhere without someone saying something somewhere, including the bathroom.

- every single morning, he greets me at a near run and a hug (if I was at the gym) or a giant hug while I'm still in bed, followed with snuggles. "hi mom!" Or "Good morning mom!" Every. Single. Day. 

- if we forget to pray at a meal, he reminds us. He wants to pray at nap time, and bed time, and is up for it whenever I may suggest. He calls it "talking to Jesus". Where a lot of the time he goes through a long thank you list of all his friends from the orphanage or the ones we met at the guest house, mommy, daddy, and Macy. 
- carver has picked up riding a bike with training wheels like it's nothin. :) 
- currently mastering a trampoline.
- he ALWAYS says please, thank you mom (for a drink, his vitamin, food, help with a toy, when I tell him he can throw laundry in the washer/dryer), how are you, excuse me (to get through, when he toots, burps, and even coughs), 
- eight weeks of being home and he's still fascinated with: the washing machine, light switches, flushing the toilet, the fridge water spout, and any vehicle that drives by.
- he's more than slightly OCD about: cabinet doors, drawers, closet doors, being closed. If I leave them slightly open in between grabbing ingredients,'s a mere moment before he says "Mom, close." with this glazed over glance. LOL
- enjoys pulling up a barstool to watch me do dishes and put them on the drying mat. 

- he's seen Frozen once in two sittings. And constantly asks to watch "snowman on big TV?" (The projection screen in the basement.) Poor guy really has no idea what a snowman/snow is. Hehe!!! 
- we are in full time re-potty training mode with Carver. Potty trained for him in Uganda was walking a short distance from where he was standing to drop his drawers and relieve himself, then return to where he was doing whatever he was doing. So now it's teaching him to go in the potty, not his new article of clothing: the little boy brief. ;) he enjoys a "sweetie", aka *smartie* if he has dry pants! He's improving leaps and bounds! 
- every night. Every night Carver will come up to me and say, "cuddles with mom? Blanket?" When I say yes, he grabs a blanket, crawls in the chair, and covers us both up, and we cuddle. This three year old will lay still and just cuddle, look up into my eyes, and say, "I love you so much mommy." He's the sweetest. 

Life with Macy: 
- I trip over her multiple times a day because when dad isn't around after work (when I become chop liver), she's attached to me by an imaginary wire. (Recently had to clean outside windows on a six foot ladder with her strapped to my back in a carrier.) She stands IN BETWEEN my legs as I do dishes. Not behind, next to, or in front of, in between. ;) 
- she's sassy. We've known that since six months old. And it still rings (veryyyyyyy) true. Stubborn little miss. 
- she loves to ride on our backs, African style. 

- her belly laugh is to die for.
- she really enjoys being pulled in a wagon, especially by Big brother.

- also currently mastering the trampoline. Going from terrified to now exploring solo! Holla!!
- hates veggies.
- hates not getting her way.
- she does this "pretend/fake-out, hitting motion through the air at anyone that she doesn't like in what they said, did, or looked at her. (currently driving me crazy with it....) How does a 14 month (at the time) know how to do sucha thing? 
- tickled, wrestling, chased by dad are on the top of her list of entertainment. 
- mom is currently learning hair care for this miss. Oh boy. People, I can't even do MY hair. Gah! 
Wakey-wakey Macy!!!!!!

Our parents and siblings are, I think I can easily speak for them, ecstatic about being new grandparents/aunts/uncles (or having more grandkids for Beau's parents.) I think we are all still a little dazed about this being REAL LIFE.

WE MADE IT THROUGH, with Jesus at our side, He brought us through. It really happened. No more waiting or questioning or wondering. Hallelujah. 

I'll try to keep you updated more often.  

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