Monday, March 7, 2016

One month home. (just the 5 of us)

One month home: 

It was February 6 when Juliet and I walked off a plane in Des Moines, Iowa. We couldn't wait to walk down the escalator to Beau, Carver, and Macy. And oh was that moment sweet. 

This envelope that no one else is allowed to open but USA customs, and her passport with a visa sticker inside, meant we could start our journey home to the other majority of our little family 

The day we left, I pulled out a backpack from one of my suitcase, for Juliet to have on the plane. I can't tell you how excited I was that the day finally came that I could bring that out. That backpack meant HOME. And when she saw it, she didn't take it off the entire day, but to take a bath right before heading to the airport. 

It has all sorts of goodies in it she hadn't seen, for the layovers and flights. She couldn't help but peek. 

Finally made it to the Entebbe airport, through customs, and waiting for our flight. 
Waiting patiently in a hot, sticky, airport. Headed to Amsterdam! 
First flight down. Post-landing throw up all over our window seats. ;) 

She. Was. Fascinated. 
"I get to eat, AND watch tv?"

Thankful for a pretty empty flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. 

How do you explain such a thing to her??? :) helped pass the layover time!! 

First meal on American soil. She asked for "sambosa" (a Ugandan food) so I was all like, "how about uncoco (chicken!)?"

I didn't know what size shoe Juliet would be in because her flip flops were size 12/13. And then I forgot to bring a "non flip flop" option regardless. So when we landed in flip flops in Minneapolis. We were both freeeezing. She asked for another 'sweater' in addition to this one. (Sorry girlfriend, this was it after the 'threw up on the plane' incident. 

Our last leg home from MN To Des Moines was a tad delayed, and even those extra thirty minutes, she just couldn't make it. After all, it was 2:30am Uganda time for us. Rough. But pure adrenaline and having access to free (American) wifi was keeping me going!! 

Then.....we finally landed. And walked down to this. 

A family of five. Forever. 

Daddy to the rescue bringing Juliet boots and a winter coat!! :) 

Here's an update! 

Things she says: 
- she gets adjectives like hot or cold confused sometimes. We got out of the car to walk into a grocery store and a giant gust of Arctic wind smacked us, "OOOOH HOT, HOT, HOT!" was her response. ;) 
- she asks to go outside all the time. She's never been inside this long/consecutively. Welcome to Iowa winters, eh?
- she's asked where the monkey and giraffes are. ;) (trip to the surrounding zoos this summer?) 
- I hear "look at dat", "mom! Look! Look at dat!", "mom! Mom! Mom!", approximately 400,000 times a day. 
- every time we turn down our street she yells, "OME (home), were OME!" :) 
- she says "yes" in response to everything. "Is your headband too tight?" ..."yes"
"Is your headband ok, feel good?" ..."yes" 
Ha! #fail 
- she tells us she wants to pray or go see her nannies from the baby home. :) so we do. And we will. Someday. 
- she refers to herself in the third person at all times. "Juliet go 'susu'", "Juliet go outside?" "Mom, Juliet go for bed?" Etc. 

- she'll eat almost anything! She didn't like green beans, until someone brought green bean casserole. ;) She didn't like applesauce until I added cinnamon. 

- obsessed with the ice maker. All. The. Live. Long. Day. She hears Beau get ice, and she'll come a-runnin from any room in the house. ;)

- great sleeper! We're 3 for 3 on awesome sleepers since day one! 

Three amigos: 

- Carver and Juliet: 
 are BFFs. Our house got a whole lot louder and rowdier when they were reunited. (She was SO not like this at the baby home. She was quiet and shy.) 
I love seeing the difference in personality when love and family is present! They love to chase each other, Carver now has a sister that doesn't scream when he wants to practice his wrestling moves that he's learned from dad and YouTube. ;) 

- Juliet and Macy: 

not so much. I don't know if it's the girl vs girl or the age difference or what. Macy is extremely territorial of daddy. If he holds or sits with Juliet....WATCH OUT! Macy is the one to pick on Juliet, instigate, and pretty much has thought her life is over since gaining a new sister. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. I will say, a month in, we have seen improvements. Albeit small. Improvements. ;) (I found them coloring and sharing colors, in the living room last week)

- She has asked to go to school, dare I say, every day since we've been home? Multiple days. And even plays Beau and I, if I say know she will go ask him. If she asks him, and he says "soon", she comes back to me. Oy. 
- So on March 3 she went to preschool with Carver for the morning. Just a test drive. She loved it. She woke up squealing with delight until we walked in the preschool doors. They got along great, but didn't play with each other. 
- we decided to register her for school, and did a school tour of first grade on Friday. She is STOKED. 
- Monday, March 7 (mommy's birthday, and after our dentist appts) she is starting 1st grade. We met her teacher and ESL teacher and are delighted to get started. 

Our month has been jam packed with countless doctor appointments. 

Treating ourselves after another dr appt. 

Countless appointments for one child, is a game changer when you have one kid in morning preschool and the other a toddler. Oh boy! I'm ready to have some "downtime" since being home. We are so grateful to family who jumped right in to watching some or all three when we are running around to different events. We have had a meal train for a solid month since being home, and I cannot put to words or express how GIGANTIC of a blessing this has been! While transitioning to a family of five, appointments, etc it's so wonderful to not have to plan a meal after it all. 

THANK YOU to those who have stepped in to help with everything! 

One month down, forever to go! We are so grateful to God for what He has done in our lives. 

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