Monday, January 24, 2011

The Heart and Soul of My Passions...

Well, it’s been more than ‘tomorrow’ from my last post. Bummer. This is harder than I thought. This current 18 credits + 2 jobs + gym at 5:30am with Molly Peterson + relationship with a boyfriend thing, can tire a girl out, which = early to bed on accident most nights. This shall be interesting.

BUT in the meantime, what is one night’s sleep loss to continue this ever-lingering pursuit of what I’m pursuing. These things are quite simple you see, most, no more unique then some of your own! When I stop and think, and reallllly get to thinking- its about what my life consists of. What am I DOING HERE?
What is the point of all of these college credits and students loans, well that’s the first thing. I’m currently passionately pursuing a degree in Elementary Education- with an emphasis on Social Studies, English/Language Arts, a Reading endorsement, and a little coaching on the side. Yes, my career for the ever pending life of mine, is to teach and inspire, and ‘change the world’ through snotty-nosed, rambunctious, random, exuberant elementary students. I have 3 semesters left at Iowa State until I can pursue that career full time! CAN’T WAIT, because I am sick of mixing PAINT! (yes, at Menards)

Haitian school, the red curtain is their "wall" to split the two classrooms.

another school, another school dress code color, in front of their school house!
A relationship with a boy, who has become and is continuing to pursue Christ, and strives to be a man of God, is another thing I passionately pursue. It just so happens that this boy is the love of my life -the man that I’ve waited so patiently for, HA right Nicole?- for God to bring into my life. To lead me the way Christ would have him lead, to encourage, love, life me up, respect me, and treat me like a Kate Middleton. ;) I pursue this relationship alongside him because I too, want to be the best partner for him today, and a whole ‘lotta’ days after today, and that our relationship would be better TOGETHER, than apart, and that we can both bring glory to our Savior’s name because of the work he has done, is doing, and WILL do in our lives. I can. Not. Wait… see what He will do with our lives. 
House divided- for now. It won't be long till that massive blanket I made him will be a two-sided black & gold blankie.

I passionately pursue the future adoption of kids from Africa. Why Africa? I really can’t tell you. My heart is just- there. But I CAN tell you that when I was 12 years old, I came across a People magazine with Michael Jordon on the cover (he has nothing to do with this, but just keep reading) and inside there was an article about something….I’m not sure what. But inside of that something article, was a little side bubble, you know, like a little excerpt- about adoption in Ethiopia. I don’t know if there is any significance to Ethiopia, but I cut that puppy out. And I stuck it to my bulletin board, and there it stuck, for- who knows how long. It got pretty brittle from being exposed to the sunshine in my room I believe, but you get the idea. I’m interested to see if I have that tucked away somewhere, I’m a weirdo and keep things like that. Hmmm…. Ever since, I have been set in stone to adopt my very own children from Africa. That is, God willing. 

Passionately pursuing doing some kind of ‘work’ or serving in Africa, has always been a desire of my heart. I don’t even know what that could consist of. Using my ‘degree’ and teach over there, using my hands and building, restoring, hugging, loving, spreading the word of Jesus, whatever and wherever God leads me. I can’t and try not to ever limit the power of Jesus Christ. No sir. ( I am aware, that this is all capable here in the states, in Iowa, in Story County, in H-town as well)
The most important pursuit of my life, is my relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s something that I struggle and strive to do, every single day of my life. It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun, or restful, comfortable, exciting, popular, appealing (to some), desirable, etc. BUT it IS: the most joyful, hopeful, rewarding, fulfilling, blessing, privilege, and my utmost heart’s desire to do. I don’t read my Bible everyday, I am not praying without ceasing like the Bible tells me to be, I don’t respond with the kindest, most loving words, I’m not the most selfless person you’ll ever meet either. I AM, a sinner, thankful, blessed, hope filled, encouraged, uplifted, joyful, and fulfilled through Christ. With out him, I don’t know where I would be, and without what He did on the cross for me, would be lost, miserable, empty, and searching constantly. I am not perfect. I screw up everyday, I get snotty, I get lazy, discouraged, mouthy, sassy, think that I know best, that my way is better, think that I can do it on my own, I worry about what others think about me, worry about my appearance and weight, I speed, I have done some pretty immoral, and impure things in my life…..but at the end of the day, at the end of my life- I want to look back and know that I lived my life as if there was a LORD & SAVIOR, that I accepted his forgiveness, and that I did my best at serving Him, living for Him, and striving to be the face of Jesus so that others knew my love for Him through my love for THEM.
….and my favorite one……
My Jesus, my Father, my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer, my Maker, my GOD- PASSIONATELY PURSUES ME, day, after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, until eternity- because HE. LOVES. ME. He sees me as his daughter, as his prized possession, more of a princess than Kate Middleton will ever be, and most of all- clean and white in his SIGHT because I have accepted the greatest gift One could ever offer….a relationship with HIM! 

Thank you Jesus. I love you. 

the link to the one i really wanted to post...but not everyone's hearts and stomachs are capable of taking that in at any given moment, i encourage you to 'pursue' this version as well.


Jon and Nicole Sage said...

Kendra!!!!! So proud of you girl this is amazing Gods doing some awesome things :) I look back to that old Kendra who always came to me with the worry of not finding someone... Yes what did I always say!!!!! Kendra he is out there and someday I will tell you I told you so and I finally get my moment Kendra Sue Brekke I told you so... And he is even better than I EVER imagined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you girl keep pursuing you know I am :) thank you for being a friend and continuing to challenge me each day love ya!

Lisa said...

LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU! You did an incredible job writing and I look forward to reading more! Keep pressing on and PURSUING!

Laura said...

Kendra Sue! Thanks for sharing your heart! It was fun to read and see what God is doing in you and through you! Love you