Sunday, February 6, 2011

little by little....

Woah baby.

My life is very quickly becoming busier than I ever thought was possible for this old- rickety body of mine! ;) But, I can’t complain. Sometimes I really want to, trust me. I feel exhausted every single night when I eventually get to my big comfy large bed, and it’s a struggle to get out of my warm cozy covers.

But man-oh-man is GOD doing WORK. I am finding out more and more what the six weeks in Malawi will look like. There are six of us on the team, one of which has already been to Malawi a year ago, so its so great to hear and learn about what it will be like, because I reallllly don’t like the ‘unknown’. Kind of a control freak, it will be a miracle if I am surprised someday when my future husband gets down on one knee- and I truly am blown out of the water, not expecting it. HA!!! I just like knowing what my days bring, so I can knock everything I gotta do, and be prepared for- OUT! (God still has a lot of work in me….clearly!)

A few other random facts- 

  • We will be sleeping in tents. Yes, a tent. Like- a camping tent. 
  • We will be eating a looooooooot of rice and beans
  • The weather in June-July will be comfortable, not blazing hot, but warm enough to wear summery dresses, shorts, skirts, tanks, etc. (It’s their winter season) It will be chilly at night and in the early mornings.
  • Our plane ride = 20+ straight hours. (Can’t wait for THAT one) 
  • Chichewa is their language. Again, this language is also missing from the Rosetta Stone material. Bummer. However, I will be doing my BEST at preparing before we get there to make my time there the most effective. So right now, the gift of becoming bilingual in Chichewa, is on my prayer list! hahaha

Three of the six weeks we will be there will be at the Leatha Orphanage. Our major task there is building a rice mill for the orphange in order to start to enable them to gain some revenue, to where they are less dependent on our support here in the states. The nearest rice mill is 20km away, so this will be great for travel reasons, and for others who live near by to have a closer means of purchasing food. We will also be doing a lot of Bible school type activities and outreach, just serving and loving on people. Spreading the great news of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us- the hope we can all have in Him for eternity by living for HIM! WOO!
I feel so blessed to be doing work for our Jesus! In preperation for our trip, we will be putting on a “March for Malawi” in March, a 5k race/walk to raise money for the trip and supplies we will need. Pretty stoked!
So, this is all I really know as of yet- I’ll keep ya’ll updated the more news I get! I’m getting jittery just thinking about it…..

119 DAYS!



Kendra- you can count me in for the 5K. Not only will it be good 1/2 marathon training but I will also be supporting you! And don't forget to send me a support letter!!!
Oh, and I know I've said this before but I am so excited for you. The LORD is going to do great things

Janel said...

These trip details sound so exciting!

Laura said...

This is awesome! Don't worry gallo pinto (beans and rice) grows on you! I wouldn't dream of eating it in the states but I really have started to like it here! One of my really good friends did a camping missions trip (:)) in Africa and she said it was the best experience ever! I can't wait to hear what God is going to teach you through preparations and your call to GO! Keep the updates coming!

Jon and Nicole Sage said...

This is awesome Kendra! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Megan said...

I am so excited for you!!! Send me a support letter :)