Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wanna Guess What?

Ya, what ^^ that said....
Wanna guess what??

"You suck at blogging consistently Kendra!?!?!"

NO, no, no, nooooo, that's not it. Although true, nice try- you're wrong.

(Jess- "SHOUT OUT")

I'm getting married in.....(it's 12:07am) SO, 
I can say 18 days!

My current symptoms are as follow: 
- exhaustion
- cheesy
- elated
- forgetful
- busy
 - mindless
- crazy in love
- anxiously excited
- etc.

hahahahahaha, I seriously feel crazy. I have so many to do list things left, finishing an online course WEDNESDAY, starting my practicum Monday(hands-on part of my classes in an actual public elementary school) over an hour away from my home, moving Beau to our new place, the third and final wedding shower and bachelorette party with my frans, and then we move on to picking people up from the air port, checking the mail for items shipped to us in bulk for decorations, emailing a billion people,  writing vows, an engagement class, premarital counseling, filling out and sending spread sheets and schedules, and writing up a new to-do list every .4593817 seconds,  etc.

I'd be lying if I told you I haven't thought about eloping.
Just to avoid all of this "planning" crud.
School is definitely over rated at this point.
Sleep is definitely being missed-
So is time in the Word. 
I'm finding out how much I crave that time with my Lord.
I'm so thankful for how he grounds me, gives me peace, and encourages me, answers prayers, provides, is teaching and molding me amongst all of this.
He doesn't quit that just cuz, "I'm busy".
Silly me.

Pray for me?
For our marriage? 
The more classes and sessions we attend, the more and more we find out about marriage and the roles we have to fill and attempt the best we can once becoming a Mr. and Mrs.
Can't wait to see where he wants us eventually if stick to HIM.
Thank YOU, LORD- for all you are to me and all you've done for me and are doing.
oh woah. can't wait to marry that man. smooooooooooooooookin.

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Jess said...

Yeaaayeaaayeaaa!!! I got my 'shout out'!!! that just made my night! I had already read all my blogs tonight...then I decide to double check...and saw your new post!! Also...YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED SO SOON!!! :D wooo hoo! I'll pray for you:)! And of course for your marriage:)! Aaaw schucks:)! You da bomb:).