Thursday, January 5, 2012

back it up: Our first Christmas

This will be short, but when we got back from Jamaica, it was CHRISTMAS! 
And we had Christmas after Christmas, but don't really have the photos to prove it I guess.
But come on, who really wants to have 'bed head' Christmas morning pictures? 

The Eve of Christmas Eve
spent with cousins, aunts, and uncles, in Minnesota! 
you can NOT judge this one, it was the day after we returned from Jamaica, and my poor face was peeling :(

Ellie opening her "BluRay player" from us!
 ** Disclaimer: My grandma has oodles and oodles of Christmas hats and headbands, that if you're in the fam- you have to wear!
ha, gotcha!

she likes him more than me, almost. ;)

we had the privilege of helping CC put together all of her gifts.


Christmas Eve at Beau's mom's and dad's
Christmas Eve took us to Beau's side of the state/family...and this is what we did. :P

a 22- no big ;) The 12 gauge knocked me back a couple feet when shooting it though! Hit my targets though!

Christmas Day! (after opening presents at my parents) 
Christmas afternoon, our entire family and extended went to WAR HORSE the movie...but I made Beau jump in this to send a pic to Ellie, the die-hard Star Wars fan :P

New Year's Eve 2011
Our wild and CRAZY night of a 1,000 piece puzzle and Skip-Bo playing...Beau & I did spice it up with a $6.00 bottle of white wine though :P

 Beau and I's gifts were limited this year, because of our honeymoon, and we just really did NOT need anything a month and half following a wedding and the gifts we received then. But, I loaded him up with HAWKEYE gear, wrestling stuff, etc. Beau gifted me with a new pair of Oakley sunglasses to replace the ones I lost the day of the rehearsal dinner, etc. :( Left them at the nail place or Jimmy Johns, and no one turned them in. SAD SAD DAY before a super great day! 
That's all :) 

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