Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I feel that myself...... and the rest of the women in the United States- know about, use, or are obsessed/hooked on Pinterest. (exaggeration, I know)

It's this website that is all about people posting pictures, ideas, DIY projects, products, tips, quotes, recipes, etc Etc, ETc, ETC, of their favorite things.

THEN, you get to 're-pin' these things to 'boards' of your own into different categories.

IT'S SWEETLY addicting, and my boards are filling fast of fun, cheap, do it yourself ideas to decorate and be creative. (Two things I am NOT good at.) And when you marry a finance graduate, CHEAP is all the rage around here. :)

SO, my first and probably the most easy project was:

Solves your tipsy-topsy-tangled, or keep them in a drawer and wrinkled-- scarf mess!
Cost: $1.74

Materials: Hanger (had already), shower curtain rings, scarves

"Pallet" Home Deco thinger:
homemade and good for anywhere in your home!

(Well- this was my first real project, so it required me getting the staples and basics for my future projects. So don't judge too much)

Gallon of cream paint- $5.00 (thanks to Menards' mistmatched gallons of paint! Quarts are 1.00? I think.)
Wood for frame: two 1x2s- $0.98 (Menards)
Wood slats for top/front: two - $0.97 (Menards)
Wood nails/wall nails- $.89 (we needed these to hang frames anyhow) (Menards)
Brown spray paint: $2.97 (Menards)
Modge Podge Glossy: $6.98 with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby
Text: made on my moms Cricuit. Paper $0.59 and on sale for half off at Hobby Lobby
12 Pack of Foam brushes: $1.00 at Dollar Tree

** Menards' mismatched paint is cheaper than Lowe's or Home Depot. Trust me, I bargain shop before I commit.
*** My awesome hubby works part-time at Menards, and his Christmas bonus was a big in-store credit which paid for all of our supplies!! So it cost us nothin!

super helper :D

the math genius! ;)

Cricut machine :)

my new best friend- 'glued' them in place...

sealed over the letters to protect and give the final sheen.

it's home for now.

i changed up the saying/lines on mine...


Christmas gift card 'wrapping':
I was feeling creative one afternoon and decided to try to 'spice-up' a coffee shop gift card Christmas present. Of course, I found a cutesy idea on Pinterest...

Cost: (not including gift card) candy canes, peppermints, and extra craft paper laying around! $2.50?

Materials: coffee cup/lid from the place you bought the gift card, extra scrap book paper, a paper punch, or crafty hands with scissors, mints, candy canes, ribbon!
terrible picture! but you get the idea!
I just filled the cup with star-mints and put the gift card snuggly(?) inside, poke holes in the sides of the cup, strung some ribbon through, made my tag- "I love you a latte Jenn!" and put the lid on and candy cane through the straw hole!! :) Easy-peesy!

Framed Quote: 
my latest favorite movie: THE HELP ( a MUST SEE by the way!) 

Cost: not a thing (those are the best) 

Materials: frame from my sister in law for Christmas, an index card, my computer/printer and the perfect layout of this adorable quote from the book/movie! It matched my frame perfect! (There are other colors/layouts out there as well, whether from Pinterest or Google) 

coffee table decor :) (terrible coloring in this picture. ugh. oh well.)

So that's it folks! On to new projects...what have YOU Pinterested and completed? 

Here's the link for the pallet decor item in my Do, Did, Done! board...follow the link on there for further details and tutorials...


Mindy said...

Hadn't seen the shower ring/scarf thing before. Good, good idea.

Lisa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all that you did! You rock, girl!