Tuesday, December 27, 2011

me+ my 'hunny' + Jamaican moon = honeymoon

Our honeymoon in pictures!

A few things first- we had a BLAST! 
Quite frankly, even if our resort had ZERO activities planned for all of the couples on their resort, I would have been perfectly content with doing absolutely nothing on the beach in a swim suit. 
The weather was perfect- 84 degrees, no bugs, slight breeze to elongate my body's tolerance of laying out, and two books to keep me occupied, and one hot hunny next to me the entire time. 
SO, six days later, unlimited food, unlimited sun, and lots of time well-spent together later...
(my aunt said it best after telling her how much we ate and how i'll pay at the gym)
"Well, if you think you gained 10 pounds from all the food, you appear 10 pounds thinner with a tan- so, it cancels it out and YOU'RE GOOD!"
We did have one day where it sprinkled in the afternoon, I was okay with it because that means we get $100 off our next vacation with Cheapcaribbean, thanks to their guarantee! 
Beau did fantastic with his very first aircraft experience. My ticket always had the window seat assigned to me, and he begged every flight to switch- I caved. ;) 

Ok, on to pictures! 

the biggest gingerbread house ever? In the hotel lobby!

so excited to see CHRISTMAS in Jamaica. Honestly, I was some what  bummed we'd be missing the week up to Christmas, cuz Christmas is my FAVORITE.

One little towel design/our room!

more Christmas goodness- lit up PALM TREES! :)

view from our breakfast table.

this is all I did. Layout. Read. Layout. Read. Repeat. (Go Hawks)
not to bad for a resort! Hit this up a few times in the early morning before breakfast and beach time! it was GREAT!

Downside of being on a honeymoon by yourself? LOTS of "self-photos".

pool-side buffet. amazing. billions of selections.

Um, I WENT SCUBA DIVING. (I'm on the end with the neon thing on my vest) and, TOUCHED A 9ft SHARK! Beau chose not to go, he wasn't able to get the breathing thing down. (he went golfing for his activity, and wants to try diving again 'next time') I saw a puffer fish enlarge and flutter around, poisonous Lion Fish, tons of neon colored fishies, sea urchins, sting ray, and last but not least- the 9 footer NURSE SHARK. By far the coolest experience evvvvvvvver- and I just prayed while being in the quite of the ocean and inhale-exhale of my breathing mask as I kicked around the bottom of the ocean, thanking and praising God for his creations!

 Before you dive in the ocean, our diving instructor taught us 6 hand signals to communicate under water...when we got to the ocean, THIS was NOT one of the signals we were taught/learned.....but when Sugar (yes that was his actual name....) replicated this one, it didn't take long to figure it out...
(not our instructor, obviously)

When we got back I did a little bit of Nurse shark research, found this little Wikipedia tidbit:  "It has been reported in some unprovoked attacks on humans but is not generally perceived as a threat." Comforting, huh? HAHA! Thank goodness this one was 'tired'?!?!? Here's a picture of one to give you an idea of how cool this was...
Guess there's a reason you sign your life away prior to the diving lessons/actual dive. :P
Also saw these various wonders----
One of these boogers, Yellow Stingray
 Lionfish: (poisonous. Thus, why Sugar would take his flipper off and 'sweep' it out from under a reef ledge to expose them)
 my personal favorite, I renamed it the "Hawkeye fish" because of it's black body, yellow tail, and then the cooooooolest BRIGHT NEON BLUE specks that just illuminate out of its body! If my mouth didn't need to be breathing air in from the mouth piece, my jaw woulda been dropped and would have stuck it in my "pocket" to take home. SO SWEET.
OH MAN. how creative was God when he made this one!?!?!?!

my love.

We took a Catamaran cruise...INCREDIBLE!

On the cruise!

They stop in hour into the cruise, and let us swim and go off the slide on the boat, and we swam to these caves! Super neat!

Beau going off the slide. When you plunge into the water, you can literally see the person 'x' amount of feet below the surface- it was soooo clear!

Fruit carving at dinner- watermelon!

Blurry snapshot of one of the four tables of deserts.

I loved their breads. and this little heart attack chocolate cake, and the fresh caught snapper fish for dinner!

Poinsettias + Christiansens in Jamaica = Christmas card?

this can stay small. it makes me feel better.

PAPAYA! My little piece of Malawi also in Jamaica. FRESH. Is. the. BEST.

Beau- LIVED for the food while there. Especially the deserts. This was his second plate of deserts.

The awesome pool. Which, was actually COLDER than the ocean- so it wasn't my preference. Beau caught me snoozing though :(

perfect view.

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmm!

Pool & swim-up bar....where I always got one of these.....

Virgin style Strawberry Daiquiri. (all of their adult drinks were sickly strong. I took one sip of one- and I stuck to these puppies instead.)

Ice-sculpting demo for that evening's dinner.

Each night when we were at dinner, the maids would sneak into our rooms and "pull your bed back"...aka- take the nice pillows off and replace with regular pillows, and pull back your sheets tighter than a botoxed face, and leave a little card that said sweet dreams in like 9 different languages!

and during the day, leave one of these :)

beau, NO LIE had 15+ of these ice cream cones while we were there. it was rare to NOT see one of these in his hands.

here, take note of the RED FLAG. The staff would drop them off in the morning, and when you want something to drink, you stick er' in the sand, they come by and ask what they can get for you- returning with it on a platter. There was also a lady that went around with fruit-cabobs stuck in a melon as well.

My hubby's favorite spot because you "can lay out in an inch of water and still tolerate the sun without being too hot!"

(he's probably booking a new vacation right now....because of the every day scene of this!)

and, on our way home over Dallas....his window-seat shot of the city and their Christmas lights were visible too! 

The perks to all of this, was that it was an all-inclusive and so all of those extra fun activities that we did were faaaaaREE! :) Kinda. We paid for it one way or another I guess.
We'd totally do it again, and wouldn't have changed a thing...
However, I can't imagine doing so when that $ can go towards our adoption account. ; ) 
So we just might have to savor these pictures...

Thank you Jesus for allowing us to see another part of the world that is held in Your hands. I'm in awe of Your creation and praise you for how you've blessed Beau and I. 
Thank you Father. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Mrs. It looks like you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the warmth. God is awesome. Very happy for you both.

Lisa said...

Thank you for posting about your honeymoon! The pictures are great...what wonderful memories you'll have for years to come!

Jamaica Honeymoon said...

Such wonderful Jamaica honeymoon pictures from you guys, and glad that you had such a good time on the island.