Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beau's Birthday

Tuesday was Beau's 25th birthday! Not only that, but it's the first birthday of his I've been around for TWO years! (two years ago I was in a wedding and out of town, and last summer I was in Africa:) ha!) I honestly think I was more excited for his birthday than he was. I just LOVE making people feel super special, especially on super special days. And now, you're going to get the elongated version of the day and events leading up to it.

To prepare, I went to the Dollar Tree (hollllla- love that store. We just got one in Ames. Boom diggity dog it's so awesome- EVERYTHING is a dollar. Unlike the misleading "Dollar General". Pssh) anyway, I got him two balloons, some birthday banners and twirly swirly hangy things, then to Target and got a few of his favorite candies (Peanut M&M's and Skittles, Hot Tamales, and Red Vine licorice), Hobby Lobby to get a jar,  HyVee for some donut holes, and the mall for his last gift.

** Procrastination disclaimer: I had to do the majority of this shopping and preparing the night before because I just so happen to have THEEEE NOSIEST HUSBAND EVER/GUESSES EVERYTHING YOU GET HIM BY USING X-RAY VISION THROUGH THE annoying. So I had to be sneaky the night before.
Example: I bought a few gifts for Beau about a month ago, felt really motivated and wrapped them a few weeks ago, and then left the gift sitting on our counter so I wouldn't lose it. (yes, I totally would) For the past two weeks, Beau's been begging me to let him open it. When I say no, he replies with: " That's okay, I already know what it is anyway!". Stinker. He guessed cargo shorts (because he needs them), and I said no. We continue bantering back and forth "Yes they are I can tell by how you wrapped them.", "No they aren't", "Yes they are", "No they aren't", etc.  They indeed, were NOT cargo shorts. But I decided he must REALLY want/need some since he kept accusing me of already buying them-so I went out the night before and bought him some, and then had to hide them behind the couch in a blanket so he wouldn't find/guess it!

About 12:30 on his birthday eve, when Beau had been in bed a good hour and I knew he was fast asleep, I yanked out all of my supplies and went to town on decorating and putting everything together so he could have the best birthday ever- despite him having to work the entire day, and me as well.

It wasn't five minutes later as I opened the basement door to come downstairs (where our bedroom is also), he had woken up and said, "Kendra what are you doing?". I didn't respond very gracefully as I had my hands full of bags and balloons bouncing around my head/doorway and didn't want him to KNOW I was doing any of this. He went back to bed and at 2:46am I crawled into bed having everything in place for his big day. 

Evidence of my covert operations:

idea from Pinterest**

Little brother and Beau - Happy 25th  and 14th birthday!

Turns out, he didn't really remember getting up and asking what I was doing- so he was surprised! Yay! My dad dropped the balloons and candy jar off at work for him. Childish? I think not, who wouldn't want a special delivery at work on your birthday? (that had SNACKS) I also arranged for my dad to take Beau to one of his favey fave restaurants Pancheros on his lunch hour. Thanks dad, twice!

We ended the night by going to Hickory Park with my whole family for Beau AND my youngest brother's birthday! Yummmm yummm. Then my grandparents, sister, and dad came over to our current place of residence for a ping-pong tourney. I'm not a huge fan of ping pong so the fact that my dad and grandpa and Beau got in heated matches against one another (for love of the game), with whooping and hollering to go with it- was pretty priceless.
photo courtesy of my sister.

Happy Birthday Beau :) You just WAIT for your golden birthday next year, ohhhh baby!

(and now I'm bummed out we didn't get a picture together :( shoot.) oh well.

**M&M Pinterest

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