Thursday, June 21, 2012

Four Years

It was four years ago today my life changed in an instant through a phone call the day before. It was this day four years ago that I lost one of my very best friends. The tears still come, not as often I guess. The realization that its been this long. The wondering where he'd be at in life. The "it's not fair". That's all still there deep down somewhere in 'there'.

I had met him during a season of life that I was desperate for genuine friendships amidst the newness of college and new friends and experiences. And he was just that, genuine and an amazing friend.

Steven was one of a kind. He could make you roll on the floor laughing and thrived on being around people and being the life of the party you could say. Yet, he was so "deep" within and I valued having conversations with him about all of life's adventures and mysteries. He was so selfless with his friends and always wanted you to have the best of the best, he constantly "treated" me often. He loved his family. He loved life. He loved Love. And he loved hard.

I doesn't take much for me to "flashback" to the exhilarating days of knowing Steven: a burgundy Jeep with gray trim or a pearl white Escalade with dark tinted windows is all it takes. :) (among a laundry list of others)

I'm grateful to have known him, to have met and now have his family in my life. His Dad Steve and step mom Wanda are SUPER special people in my life. They've walked me through some pretty dark times in the last four years as well as celebrate the changes and triumphs....and I'm so thankful for them. They watch my back constantly and support me endlessly. I truly treasure them.
*I remember after meeting Beau and showing some interest, Steve said he had to meet him first and he would clean the gun. PAH! FUNNY!* They approve I might add.

It's easy to say they were my favorite (if I had to pick a favorite haha) guests at Beau and I's wedding. They made the trip over from Eastern Iowa and I couldn't wait to see them. I had told our florist to stick a single yellow rose in with all of the other flowers that were being brought to the church that day. Yellow roses go "way back" with Steven and I. Long story. Steve and Wanda knew that, and at the reception after dinner I snuck back to the reception hall fridge and nabbed the yellow rose and gave it to Steve and Wanda in remembrance of Steven. Of course, the waterworks started, and they told me how Steven would have loved the wedding, and would have "approved" of Beau,  how proud of me they were, how much they loved me, and we all wished he could have been there to celebrate. He woulda stolen the 'show' for sure on that dance floor. ;)

It brings joy to my heart to think back of all the fun times we had together, the deep heart to hearts, the life lessons learned, the immature stunts pulled, the laughs- oh the laughs. Too many stories to share on here- it'd take a weeks worth of posts at that.

Thanking God for healing and new hope and mercies every day since then, and all the days to come. You hold the whole world in your hands Jesus. Thank you.

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