Monday, July 23, 2012

Heart Strings

 Don't run away just because you see two little boxes that play music. Just read. Then listen. You won't regret it. Takes about 17 minutes. What else do you have to do? :) Be uplifted!

You know when you hear a song sometimes
 and wherever you're at-
you stop dead in your tracks....
and can remember the exact moment(s) in time that particular song(s) captured your heart?
You can remember the place you heard it, the exact situation you were going through, and within a few seconds of the song beginning- you can "flashback" to that period in time and remember the precise thoughts and feelings you at that time in life.
(does that make sense? ha, it might just be me.)

For me, these two particular songs are on my Top Ten Faves.
I can remember the exact moments these songs pierced my heart in a indescribable way.


"With Everything" was introduced to me by one of my best friends Jessica in a really dark, difficult, life-changing season of my life three years ago. (God was really after my heart during this season.)  She encouraged me to just go out and buy their entire album This is Our God because each and every song is so powerful. She was right. This is still one of my favorite albums of Hillsong. They just don't make a bad song! ha! Our churches band often covers this song, and I'm so thankful. Every time I hear it I am taken back to three years ago, and reminded how and where God has brought me since then. All the glory to God in the miracle He has done in my life to bring me from a life of hopelessness, despair, and destruction of me trying to live and do things my way, rather than His way by following Him.

This one reminds me of Malawi Africa. I would listen to this on repeat- on runs through the bush (random thickets of grass and dirt), in the back of the trucks bumping and jostling around, on the flights, at night during my insomnia, everywhere. This song takes me back to that glorious part of God's creation thousands of miles away. At one point I remember listening to this and asking God to help me remember that exact moment in the back of the truck, taking in His creation in this beautiful country He brought me to. So hearing this, I can almost smell the "Africaness", feel the dry heat, envision the people staring at us white people as we drove by, and the exact route from the closest village back to Thomas' orphanage/home. Thank you Jesus for that experience. Continue to use it to work through me.

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