Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We went to the Zoo!

This past weekend was an exciting one!

1.) It was the start of my (Praise Jesus!!) one week vacation from my current nanny position. They took a week vacation = I get a week vacation.
2.) Beau and I have been wanting to take a trip to the Omaha Zoo- so we took the opportunity!

We took off on Saturday afternoon and stayed with my bestie Kristina and her boyfriend who just moved to Omaha at the beginning of July. She was soooo good to us- she's the BEST HOST. Beau fell in love the moment she made us a homemade supper on Saturday night and a pancake/eggs/bacon breakfast before the zoo on Sunday. (Thanks for making me look like a terrible housewife Tina. HA)

Here's pictures to prove we went. I promise you I was more excited than any child there, ask Beau, Luke, or Tina. It's just so cool to see so many different animals that God created, and I love to read about all their neat features and characteristics and stuff. I'm a total nerd.

Pascal from Tangled...obviously.

look carefully, there's a gorilla sleeping on the bubble window :)

i burnt my arm on that gorilla's head. ouch.

Burmese Python

Sums up our relationship.

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