Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer in a Flash

Can you believe it's almost time for school to start back up again? Holy moly.

As of today, (not counting today) I have a whopping two days left of being a summer nanny (Monday and Tuesday). Following that, I have ONE day off in which I go see/meet my first cooperating teacher and her room. Then Thursday, the student teaching semester whirlwind starts. I'm excited to close this chapter of summer nannying, yet getting nervous for the next one of student teaching to begin.

I've had a really challenging, yet fun summer. I'm praying and hoping that the challenges of behavior (I've been spit at/on, things thrown at me, yelled/screamed at, hit, run away from, etc etc) from one of the kids I faced daily this summer, will have been preparing me for some insanely crazy situation in a future classroom rather than as a future parent. I've had to rely on God in new ways in disciplining and teaching these youngsters. I've never been a parent. I think it's different in a nanny vs teacher vs parent position- for sure. It's definitely spurred me on to be praying for our future kids NOW. Wowzers.

SO, my last weekend of the summer will be spent SLEEPING IN on Saturday and then a day at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday. It's always an ALL DAY (I'm talking a good 10 hour day at least) affair with the family- which looks a little different this year, but God is still good. I'm sure I'll have pictures and weight-gain to show for it. :) (you think I'm joking?)

Here's to the weekend, thank. the. good. Lord.

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