Thursday, September 27, 2012

God's Goodness

It's safe to say two things:

1.) I underestimated the -12 followers thing in my last post. I've had so much outpouring of love and support and most importantly, PRAYERS. I'm forever indebted to those of you who spoke truth into my life today, offered encouragement, scripture, and prayed for me and my family today.
Seriously. ---> heart bursting.

2.) God's goodness in my life is evident. There were no "blessings in disguise today"...nope. They were loud and clear. There were so many prayers answered today. I can truly say I've been learning to cling to the Lord in a whole new way. I can tell you that the Lord's face shown upon myself, and my family today. Not everything goes quiet your way or how you would hope, but man did God bless us today. There is SO much to be thankful for. He truly loves us as individuals. Like the sparrows. Only more. ;) Like, a lot more. He cares about our hurts, our triumphs, fears, and nerves. Thank you Father.

Someone very dear, sent me a wonderful little prayer/encouragement to me today. I thought I would share it because it's truth, and so fitting, and went straight to my heartstrings.

Kendra dear...I cried just reading your words, "I cried" and then again as I read your blog. see how much you have grown and matured over the years. God holds all of our tears and knows the deepest hurts of our heart. I am praying for a sweet sleep for you tonight and for strength in the days ahead. "Just enough light for the step I'm on, Lord...even when I want to see the whole path...just enough light". Hold on to him, my dear, and He will see you through. Love you and praying for you.. --C

I plan on doing just that tonight. Sleeping. Well and peaceful tonight.With a heart of gratitude. A large weight is off of my shoulders this evening. I still need my Jesus, and will continue needing Him. However, I will ask him to shed just enough light on the step I'm on....tonight. Tomorrow. etc.

Thank you Sovereign God for holding my family in the palm of your hand. For holding me in the palm of your hand. Thank you Lord Jesus for being in control and being the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Oh, how I am grateful for your faithfulness and how you draw me near and meet me where I'm at- always. Thank you for knowing what my heart and mind battles, and thank you for carrying my yolk. You are good. All the time You are good. 


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