Monday, November 5, 2012

11.5.11 - One Year Later

Well well welllllllllll. 
I can officially say
1.) I've been married one WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR! FOR 12 MONTHS! FOR 365 DAYS!
2.) I'm no longer a newlywed. Haha

Today has been so fun! I've been truly looking forward to today more than my birthday even! (Not quite as much as Christmas. ;) Nothing is as good as Christmas I don't think.)

Our phones have been blowin' up with texts of well wishes, congrats, and happy anniversaries! Our tiny little mail box has filled with cards from friends and loved ones. Of course, Facebook has been a way that we've felt loved as well. Wow we're blessed! If you've been one of those:

Part of me thought, wow I can't believe how many people have said a kind word, it's only a wedding anniversary, goodness! BUT, it really IS something to CELEBRATE about with the way things are these days- in marriage, in this sinful world we live in, and how little value marriage has to many dating or single people and couples nowadays. I'm also sure the congratulatory "excitement" will die down through the years, but I so hope our LOVE for one another and OUR excitement never wanes in celebrating our anniversary. However, we DID beat out Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage, so we have a lot to celebrate, right? ;)

Here's a little how our day went: 

I got up and got ready for the day, Mr. Beau took the day off- lucky. I ran to Casey's and nabbed him his favorite flavor of donut and then headed to "work". (Student teaching) It JUST SO happens, that we have conferences today and Thursday of this week. If you have kids or used to be one and can remember, that means teachers are at school from 7:45am-8:00pm twice this week. My first day at this placement when I realized the conference date, it meant Beau home alone and me away from him on our anniversary- my heart SANK. It just so happened that same day when my teacher introduced me to our kindergartners, she said "Is it Mrs. Christiansen or MISS Christiansen?" I replied with, "Mrs. Christiansen." She was quite surprised and then asked how long I've been a Mrs. and she asked the date...I saw the light bulb go off and she instantly said, "Well you won't be sitting through conferences on your 1st anniversary! You'll go home at 2:00 that day!". WHAT A JOY. I'm so thankful.

Since then, we've gone to my dad's work and gotten homemade brownies (for his family businesses anniversary), went to dinner at Perkins (we were cravin breakfast food real bad- oh and had a coupon- dang you Dave Ramsey), and then snuggled and watched movies. Bout the best day I could think of. We're saving our movie date for this weekend- again, a matinee of course. ;) 

Here are some pictures for the day!

(no we did not renew our vows already, so I guess this picture is a "Throwback".

 I found the above "entry" in my planner today.....sneaky little boy. Did it make me smile? You bet.

He's the best. I'm blessed. Our marriage is NOT perfect. BUT it is evidence of God's grace, provision, and blessing on our lives. We're so thankful to Him. ALL the glory goes to Him. Period.

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