Friday, October 26, 2012

We're boring.

Nothing exciting going on around the Christiansen neck of the woods.

I started my new placement of student teaching about two weeks ago? Shoot, maybe a week ago? I have no idea. It's in a kindergarten room and completely exhausts me. HA! I miss my 5th and 6th graders. They knew how to tie their shoes. All 220 of them.

Other than that, Beau is still banking away at Wells Fargo. Together, we'll go far.  I laugh every time I see that commercial. He's doing outstanding there, getting awards left and right and great reviews and surveys from customers. He recently got a promotion as well- hallelujah! So he will start studying soon for that position! (I like to boast in the Lord, and in my husband. I'm super proud of him.) :)

We started Financial Peace (FPU- with Dave Ramsey) about a month ago. It's rocking our little money world right now and I'm loving it. It's so nice to be able to save more and be more aware of where our little income is going so we can get those student loans payed off and the adoption account can keep climbing. We want "our kiddos" home! (Whenever God sees fit)

My dad is getting settled into his new place! It's even closer than our old house was in Huxley. Beau and I are so thankful that he lets us do our laundry there. I hate quarter washer/dryers, which is what we have at our apartment. Plus I'm always paranoid that someone will steal my clothes or dump them on the floor or something, haha! My dad THANKS us for coming out and doing laundry at his place, who does that? ;) We LOVE his new place and enjoy hanging out there- it's SUCH a neat layout and design and it's just so "comfy" there. We're so blessed by him. 

Um, as always, I am STOKED for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving-Christmas season is  
(not to mention my FAVORITE time of the year)
 Not that I don't listen to Christmas year round, and admittedly- daily through my Pandora station....but I can't wait for that radio station on Thanksgiving day (or is it black Friday it starts?) to be able to listen to it every day without eating up my data on my phone. ;)

Well, that's about it.

 I'll update you on our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY (??????WHAT??????) in a few weeks and how it goes. I'm really excited to celebrate ONE YEAR. But seriously, HOW HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?

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