Monday, January 28, 2013

Our home: Before Pictures

Is it March 14th yet? I'm not sure if I've been so excited to clean and paint (prior to moving our stuff in) ever before in my life. Anyone wanna help? ;) I know you wanna.....

Anyhow, I've gotten some requests of pictures of the house. Plus, this blog is to document our life. (And if you're a creeper/investigator like my husband....anyone can Google our address and see these same exact pictures as well.

A few things... it's now actually vacant, so these are pictures with the previous owners things/paint jobs. (Please remember that. Please please-haha!) Also, these pictures do absolutely NO justice to the actual rooms. I really do not understand why the photographer chose the angle they did for most of these- I questioned if I was in the same house the first time we went in. ;)

It will be nice to eventually have some BEFORE & AFTER pictures. Pinterest has been stirring some ideas up. Beau even said for a Valentine's Day "present" he'll help me with some projects. Boom. Thank youuuuu baaaaaabe!

Can't you just see little beautiful brown children running around this yard and climbing that weirdo tree? WE CAN!

Dad got all excited that the shed has a concrete floor. Things I would never think of? Lol

A fire pit- neato!

Not crazy about those bushes, buuuuut my lack of green thumb can't complain too much.

This baby gate around the grill cracks me up.

Love the open floor plan from kitchen to living room.

I'm working on "loving" the oak cabinets/trim. :)

Definitely leaving the CHALKBOARD door to the garage! Woo!

Wish they woulda left this couch- we LOVE sectionals. Boo.

Fireplace opposite "couch wall" from previous picture.

This (in real life) spearmint striped dining room will be GONE-ZO.
Master Bed (with a red accent wall at the head of the bed. WHICH totally matches all of our bedroom decor and bedding! Yay!

Yes, yes this IS above the bed....IN the ceiling. We have no idea why. No idea. WHO thinks of this?...and then DOES It? LOL
Master bath (master closet not pictured)

Two words: paint. job. (spare bed)

Spare bedroom
Upstairs hall bathroom- sadly, they didn't leave the monkey decals. ;)
Basement bathroom (there is a toilet in there, I promise)

Just in case there is any question whether the bathroom is vacant or not, or if boys/girls are allowed....ya know. Totally normal. (??????)
Screen that pulls down in front of the doorway, of the below "bedroom"/office/storage room.

Basement room. It's not technically a bedroom because there isn't a closet. Those are the electrical switches in the gray cabinet. Ha! They used it as a spare bedroom we're guessing.

So, this is our potential house! (I say potential because there's always room for something to not go quite right, and or God may chose to take this away.) Pretty neat! And super blessed. Can't wait to fill it with children someday! The LORD has been good to us.

There will be paint jobs galore, and I can't wait for this new journey in our lives. Thank you Jesus for all you've done in our lives- use these walls/roof to bring You Glory and to bless OTHERS!

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