Sunday, February 17, 2013

Apples, Sub-leasers, Hands & Feet, Donuts, and Beds!

I'm so sporadic with my posts, but I have a few more things I want to document through this blog to remember how God is pouring His blessings down on to us. Even the little things that you might think are SIL-LYYYY! haha

In no particular order: 

A few weeks ago, I noticed my (Apple) Macbook Pro laptop not charging. (FREAK OUT!) The little charger would just blink back and forth from the green to orange light and back, and not charge consistently. Then one day, it wasn't charging AT ALL. Just nothin. I pulled the cord off the computer, and this is what happened.

Just pulled right apart. Like, how does that happen? I don't even have kids or a dog as an excuse? Talk about DOUBLE FREAK OUT mode. I sought out advice from some Mac-aholics...and the same answer was given to me, "If you don't have AppleCare, you're outta luck". Guess what, new chargers are $79.99. Ummmm are you kidding me? It's not like break the bank worthy, but we just so happend to not have a sub-leaser in place yet, received my car registration in the mail, and oh ya- buying a house to be conscious of our bank account.

So Beau and I laid on our bed before taking the trip down to the nearest Apple store, and prayed "God, I know it's just a silly white computer cord, but we'd like a little $80 miracle today" Amen. We drove down there, and for the first 15-20 minutes talking to our little Genius man....we heard "You don't have AppleCare, I'm really sorry. I wish there was something we could do." Then he showed us where the bazillion dollar chargers were. We picked one up, then asked him a question about my iPhone. He was running some diagnostics, and then the angel turned to us and said, "You know, I'm just going to go ahead and replace this charger for you guys."

UMMMM, WHAT? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!? Not a dime came out of our pocket.

We prayed the whole way out of the mall and to the I-80 exit... praising Jesus for that little miracle! I still praise Him when I have a charged computer. Like right now, THANK YOU JESUS FOR BLESSING US!

Next up, God has provided us with a sub-leaser! NOT ONLY a sub-leaser for our ad of April-July 31st, but a sub-leaser for the following year, AND starting the middle of March! That's half a month we don't have to pay to live somewhere where we aren't living!! (We get pro-rated for the days we'll live there in March!) AND, AND, ANNNNND......our sub-leaser needs to move in sooner than our closing date on our house. So, thankful for my husband that works at the bank where all of the "details" are going down, and our closing date is now a week sooner- March 7! (Happy Birthday to me!) So neat!! So exciting!

Thirdly, the hands and feet of Jesus are being evident in our lives by friends of ours that are volunteering and asking if they can help us. ASKING to help MOVE, PAINT, and CLEAN! Are people crazy!? Ha! It's so flabbergasting. The Lord seriously chooses to show us his grace and mercy and bless us with wonderful people in our lives who love to show Jesus' love through their lives. Thank you in advance (and for what you've already done!) Tracey, Julie, Tina, Rachel, Jessica, Jerod, Dad, our connection group, Grandpa John, Mom, brothers, sister, etc! We SO appreciate it- can't explain it enough!!!

Oh, then there's the little fact that Saturday morning Beau comes in from running outside quick to report the lovely news that my tire is flat. Flat like a pancake. Sweet. We're made of money you know, didn't you know that? Beau called our tire man (well, he is!) and knew that the last time this happened- they didn't carry my size of tire. (Donut size) So we'd need to call right away to have one for next week. Well, just so happens even though they weren't open that day (we didn't know that) he was heading to the shop right then and could meet us there, because he had a tire that was my size! HOORAY! Not only that, a brand new one, and charged us $40! HALLELUJAH! Thank you GOD!

Just one more thing to tip the scales of over abundant blessings- we're in need of two spare beds for our spare bedrooms. I want to be able to say to anyone and everyone that they can come and stay with us whenever they need or want to! Well, that's coming true the weekend of my cousin's wedding in July! We have a whopping NINE PEOPLE staying with us that weekend! (That wouldn't be happening if we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment people) Well, we need spare beds to go in those bedrooms! My dear friend Jessica just blessed us with a bed/box spring for FREE, that's NOTHING- to fill one of our rooms! Thank you Jessica, and thank you Jesus for knowing our needs! (Heather and Bobby, you have a bed to stay in now, come July. ;) Dan and Jess, we're working on finding one for you guys next! Hahaha!)

Pretty sweet view from our future driveway!
 I'm a total loser, and I (we) often times continue to do "drive bys". We like to drive by and imagine what our life could be like in these walls! What will our neighbors be like? What kind of games and hide and seek fun will we have with our kiddos in the yard and house? I pray in the driveway. Yes. You read that right. I drive by. Pull in the driveway. Then sit there and pray over that house and our marriage and future family in that home.

 We feel so incredibly grateful to God for this blessing!

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Megan said...

I am so thankful to have you as a friend. You encourage me in so many ways.