Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the homeowner who never blogs. (ahem!)

Shout out to my friend Megan who hounded me for a blog post. Just the motivation I needed. :)

Since my last post, we have since MOVED into our first home!
Yep. It's true. God seriously blowssssss me away. 

We have been working hard at getting settled in. Thankfully because of all the help we had moving, Jessica and Julie's mad unpacking skills, and Kate's decorating talents- it looks like we've lived her for far longer than three weeks! (Hallelujah!)

I'll be working on some "Before and After" photos for a post, it's been way fun seeing the transformation with just a can of paint and things on the walls. Seriously, we're so blessed and we are loving the feeling of "permanency". Yowzas. (However, I don't know how "permanent" any Christ-follower can claim to be, we will go wherever the Lord calls us. Bobby & Maria, nooooooo not Iowa City...yet! haha) It's surreal realizing we don't have to move again come July 31st and August 1st.

*** Random Fact: Did y'all (shout out to my friend Sarah's twang!) know we've moved FIVE times since we've been married? I've moved a total of 11 times since graduating high school in 2007. Since meeting Beau, we've also moved him three times as well prior to marriage. Add that all up yo. Yah. Ridiculous.

Other news?

  • I totaled the Green Bean aka The Jolly Green giant aka my 98' hunter green Honda Civic. (I'll blog about that later) We have thankfully found a replacement vehicle for me. 
  • Beau got promoted to Assistant Manager at his bank. (OW OW Hubs!) (Have I already wrote about that? Oh well. I'm proud of him and I'll tell the world.) 
  • I'm still an associate at the same school. Still job searching. As "peaceful" as I feel about the entire situation being in the Lord's hands, I still may or may not have cried while applying last night because it's so overwhelming. The job searching site that posts teaching jobs for our area...the closest schools that have openings is over an hour away. Time to drag out the fine-toothed comb.
  • As stated above, one of my best friends Jessica got engaged (READ HERE, SERIOUSLY!) this past weekend! WOO! I was so blessed to be a part of her engagement day/story! SO NEAT. Thanks Jerod. :) We had a surprise birthday/engagement party for Jess this past weekend at our house. SO FUN! I've never hosed before- haha! (Let alone for 26 people!)
  • Our best friends (like, our only "couple" friends....that we've grown close to) the Scott's...are moving to Iowa City. Oh, and I might add, they're taking their four wonderfully made little African children with them. Boo. Double boo. (more on this later too) 
    (do you see what I'm doing here Megan? I'm setting myself up for more failed future blog posts, so keep me on it woman.)
 Alright, let me gather some photographs to document our lives a wee bit more for the next few posts to make it a little more appealing. Posts like this without pictures are bor-ing. With a capitol B. (even thought I didn't capitalize it)

I wonder if tomorrow will be like the gym when you haven't been in awhile and you're super sore the next day....ha. Get it? I need sleep.

Night friends!

(Oh, and don't forget to go read Jessica and Jerod's way more interesting than this post engagement post!) Enjoy!

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