Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hi My name is Mrs. Christiansen: 3rd grade teacher

So remember that one time, where I blogged about our "Glory Story" with the purchase of our home? If you don't remember, you can go back and read it here! Well if you DID read it (I recommend you do), let me remind you of what Beau and I were specifically praying for when God led us to this house we now call home....

  1. Kendra needed a job for the spring. I had graduated but could start subbing, since jobs for full time positions for the start of the school year in August were posted in late spring. Subbing is very inconsistent though.  God provided a full time job for the spring within 12 hours of asking this of Him.
  2. Kendra needed a job for the summer. (story of a teacher's life, eh?) God answered this within 5 minutes, I'm not kidding, 5 minutes of lifting this up to Him. (I'm currently a nanny now!)
  3. Kendra needed a full time teaching job in the Fall. 
  4. We needed to sublease our apartment (knowing if God wanted us to pursue this house, we'd probably close in March sometime) from April-July 31.  We subleased our apartment in a college town for the summer, to a super nice guy who was super grateful!
  5. We wanted to purchase this house for no more than $___,____ (significantlyish lower than the asking price) We bought our home for the exact price we prayed for, not a penny more.
God literally answered every single SPECIFIC request we asked of him. Except for the full time job of being a teacher for the fall.

But today, I can say that I'm a.......
3rd grade teacher at Des Moines Christian School!

I have applied more places than I can count for countless positions.  After several interviews that were major letdowns, with tears, and lots of wonderment asking God why he answered all the rest of our requests, and not this one.....


This all started when Beau and I went to a wedding in Minnesota last weekend. It had been our third weekend in Minnesota this month, and we were definitely dragging from the long hours in the car each weekend. Not to mention, we were WAY over our gas budget because of my nanny job and these trips out of state. We almost didn't make the wedding.
We made the trip up, had a blast catching up with friends, and celebrated the Beckers! While at the reception a friend of ours and his girlfriend were at our table. She just finished her first year at DMC! She was asking me how my process of applying/interviewing was going, and I let her know.
She then told me to apply at her school, she knew that her principal was interviewing for 3rd and 4th grade that week.I remember thinking, "Well that's silly, if they're interviewing already then it's probably too late to apply"
B then said she was just going to text her principal. Wow, she's able to just text her principal, that's so neat! The night continued on and Brittany piped up and said "Kendra, I texted my principal about you and she said she'd love to interview you, can you call her tomorrow afternoon?".  


 Of course I said I'd call her the next day, and for the rest of the evening whenever we had a chance B and I talked back and forth about how much she loves teaching there, details about the school, etc. CRAZINESS. At this point, Beau leaned over to me during dinner and said, "Man, are you praying about this right now? All I can do is sit here and pray about this right now, I can't believe this."

I called the principal on Saturday, and she started the conversation by saying how excited she was and that she had offered a 3rd grade position to someone the day before B and I were at this wedding, and that day of the wedding we were at, the person didn't accept the position. Wow! We made the interview for Wednesday at 9:30 and she told me all about the school and other details. Before hanging up, she told me she was praying for me! (Did you catch that? A potential BOSS, just said she would be praying for ME as I prepared for the interview and the potential job. INSANE!)

From Saturday to Wednesday, I worked on getting everything prepared for the interview, INCLUDING the application.
Yes, at this point, I still had not even APPLIED. I turned in my application, resume, reference letters, etc, the DAY OF my interview. I also had to prepare a math lesson for 3rd graders. Throughout those few days, I can't tell you the amount of PEACE I had. Every other interview I had, I was a Nervous Nelly train wreck. I lost sleep over it. I was rehearsing and practicing questions and lessons, etc.

A friend from our connection group even asked, "Do you want this job, you don't seem as excited or nervous like before?" Beau even mentioned me not stressing or preparing like MAD like I had before for other interviews.
 HAH! It was so TRUE THOUGH. I just had a peace, so much so, I seriously forgot throughout the days that I had an interview coming up and just did NOT worry about it. I slept SO WELL leading up to it even. I can't explain it.

Wednesday morning came, the nerves started settling in of course as I sat in the parking lot. I decided to pull up my Jesus Calling and read that to calm my nerves and see what God had to say for June 26th. :)

He ALWAYS knows what I need.

I walked in the building, finally got to meet the wonderful principal that I had chatted with on the phone a few days prior, and walked into a conference room with the other two 3rd grade teachers, the principal, and a media specialist. To start the interview the principal OPENED US IN PRAYER, we went through introductions, a series of questions, taught my lesson to a few students, went on a tour of the building (SO neat to see verses on the walls!!!), and then one last conversation with the principal.
She asked me how I thought the morning went, where I replied with, "Really well, I'm just praying that God will give me peace about everything and not worry about the outcome!" She told me to not worry, that I did a great job and I would know by tomorrow (Thursday). :) Thanks God for that affirmation to calm my nerves.

Again, throughout the day, I just had a total peace about everything. I forgot that I would be hearing whether I have a job or not in the next day or so. Totally God, because I was a total worry wart all the other times.

As I was pulling in the garage to a house FULL of family and extended family for Beau's birthday (and my brother's), my phone rang.
I quickly shut the car door and answered it.....I GOT THE JOB. AHHHHHHHH! (of course I have a background check and will be presented to the board, but those are procedural things)

After I got off the phone, I walked in the door and pretty much screamed, "I'M A THIRD GRADE TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My family and Beau literally ROARED. IT WAS JUST SUCH AN ANSWER TO PRAYER, and GOD PROVIDED IN A HUGE WAY!

So, as if God wasn't already pouring out blessings, here's a few other things to knock your socks off:
  1. If you're a teacher looking for a job, a lot of people will ask, "So what grade do you want to teach?" I always respond, "In no particular order, my "Top Three" ideal grades would be 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade." Folks, can you believe this?
  2. Beau and I have been praying for a full time job for me in the fall so that we can move forward with the adoption process. Need I say more? (insert raise the roof hands!)
  3. Beau is in the middle of making a decision to do a career change within his current company. We specifically prayed, "God would you provide Kendra with a full time job and clarity to know which direction to head with Beau's job if you provide for Kendra." Done. Wow. God- just wow.
  4. After applying for countless jobs (not one 3rd grade one was open at any of the other districts I applied at) in countless districts....I accepted a job I didn't even apply for.
  5. Last summer MY third grade teacher (who is now an administrator)  offered to give me the majority of her classroom library, props, lessons, etc. I remember thinking, "I can't pass this up, but what are the CHANCES of being a certified K-8th grade teacher and landing a THIRD grade job?". Seriously. SERIOUSLY? WOW. It's all in my basement- ready to be put into my new classroom!!! :) :)
  6. FINALLY, YOU GUYS....God answered very specifically and MORE than we asked for in the list we started praying in January (above). ALL PRAISE, GLORY, and HONOR to our Lord and Savior who cares so deeply about every detail of our lives. I'm so glad He's the one in control!

One of the things I told the principal after she offered me the position was, "I feel like I need to get B a huge "YOU GOT ME A JOB" gift after this whole ordeal!". She kindly responded, "Oh no Kendra, I think this was God connecting the dots and providing this for you and B was a part of it!".

I never imagined or really thought about working at a Christian school...but man did God provide and blow my expectations out of the water. I get to walk into "work" every single day with Christ-followers who are walking with the Lord who live out grace, forgiveness, who love one another, and serve Christ together. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I'm so blessed to be a part of this DMCS family as B called it. :)

Beau said this was the best birthday present he could have asked for, the hug he gave me and him saying how proud of me he was and just thanking the Lord- was priceless. He is SO supportive! (He's called me twice today and each time I answer he says, "Hi! Congratulations on the job Mrs. Christiansen!") So we celebrated hard last night with friends and family for Beau's birthday, my brother's birthday, and my new blessing of a job! When Beau started opening presents I ran outside to see if he had any birthday cards in the mail, and this is what I found.

Our church sends out birthday postcards, this is a dear friend/elder friend of ours who wrote this out to Beau. "Praying that you and Kendra have a great day together and that GOD ADDS HIS BLESSINGS!" - JEFF
AND GOD DID JUST THAT. :) :) :) :) :)

AND THAT, is how I became a 3rd grade teacher at Des Moines Christian School. Talk about having NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, and it being ALL GOD and in HIS HANDS. INSANE.

THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed for me through this process and time of waiting and relying on the Lord.


Abby Ceynar said...

This is just AWESOME!! I just got a chance to read this. It is amazing how God provides. :D Congratulations!!

Gracie said...

Absolutely loved reading this. God is such an awesome provider. Can't wait to read about your first day. Praying hard for you!