Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oooooooh my, this thing has been covered in dust for quite some time!

Last time I was in this neck of the woods, God had blessed our socks off with a full time 3rd grade teaching position at a private Christian school.

It has been just that, a huge blessing. I love every single one of my coworkers. I can always do better at showing it or living it out loud through the hustle and bustle of "a first year teacher"....but man am I blessed by each of them. I have been so grateful for the transition as a first year teacher, at times, feel/felt like I was drowning. However, I have the world's best principal, the worlds best mentor/teaching partner, and the world's best class full of 8 and 9 year olds- that come with fantastic parents and families. Seriously.

God is good.

Beau and I are coming up on ONE YEAR of being in our wonderful home that God blessed us with. I was reminded that when some silly man called me mid-workout to tell me about the advantages of looking into new "home insurance plans, coming up on your first year in your home"....ya dude. No. Call my husband. Tootles.
Do you remember that story of how God brought this house to us when we WERE NOT LOOKING?  I think I might revisit that post to be reminded of God's goodness, blessing, and divine provision....because it was amazing.
My mind gets a little fuzzy and buzzy from the realization of what GOD DID, when he did it, the DETAILS he orchestrated, and how HE IS USING IT TODAY!

Since living in this beautiful home (and to God be the glory):
1.) I don't think there's been too many days that I haven't PRAISED HIM out LOUD for this blessing of a home. I can't complain about one single thing.
2.) We had a family of four living with us for three weeks while in transition of residencies.
3.) Friends and family have had a place to stay when they visit.
4.) We have had a current 'roomie' for the last five months- so fun, so easy, so comfortable, and a blessing for all involved...we'll be sad when he moves out in a months time or so.
5.) My siblings and their significant others have a place to hang out for "Family Fun Day Sunday", new traditions...movies, games, eating, the works.
6.) Weekly "Shark Tank" dates with our besties.
7.) Hosting connection group
8.) A sleepover venue for littles when their mommas and daddies need a date night/break. ;) Always a good time. 

He has truly BLESSED US! (tired of me using that word yet? ;) ha!) I remember laying in bed, staring at the ceiling in our apartment, when dreaming, praying, Pinteresting even, hoping about this home....and literally asking God:

"God if you choose to bless us with this house, may we be able to use it to bless OTHERS, and honor you. It's YOUR HOUSE."

He has certainly brought situations to do so. We thank Him.

Let's see how long I can keep this thing goin? HA!!!!!!

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