Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Christiansen Clan grows by TWO

I'm going to break the blogging ice by announcing that Beau and I will be going by a few new names in the future! I'm referring to the titles of MOM and DAD, or DAD AND MOM, or momma, or daddy, or mommy get the point, right?

WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED, and slightly IMPATIENT all at the same time. I think for any soon-to-be parents, they're all anxious for the "big day"! Our big day however, doesn't have a 'due date', and we can't even gaurentee that after 9 months, that the littles will arrive within a month sooner or later after the expected due date.

WHY? Well because (as most of you may know) we're ADOPTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the details I can share with you: 

* They currently reside in Uganda
* Our son (still crazy to see that word and know it's referring to 'ours') will be three years old. 
* Our daughter (see above shock as well) was born 
November 22, 2013. (she'll be almost five months at the time of this post) 
* We're expecting them home this fall. (Lord willing!) I may or may not be praying for miracles and their "Gotcha Day" being sooner. Gee. Imagine that. Heh-heh!

I'm going to be working on a blog post sharing how God brought us to this journey. It's quite incredible. And absolutely a total GOD THING. Many of you know that it's been my hearts desire to adopts since I was in the 3rd grade. So this isn't a huge shock to those we know and love, but the timing- wasn't "our timing". Well, I should say it wasn't Beau's timing...I was okay with starting any day. ;)

For now, we just ask that you pray God's will over this entire process. We're currently doing, surprise- PAPERWORK. And will be starting our home study in a week or so! YAY! Of course, we want them home as soon as possible. This kind of "waiting" is so different than any other kind of waiting we've experienced, and as of my current years on earth- this is the worst thus far. : )

Again, I'm going to be playing catch up on our process so far. I've been putting it off and putting it off, but I really want to document for us, and others as encouragement, of God's glory in this journey.

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