Monday, August 18, 2014

5 things...since being home from Africa

1. Yes, yes I know I haven't done any updates. I can't quite put to words an update yet. I've sat down and tried and tried. When I can muster all the thoughts and feelings about it- you'll be the first to know. ;) In the meantime, so many of 'you' have asked about my trip, and that means so much to me. On top of that, even more of you prayed while I was gone- and for that I can't thank you enough!

2.  I've surprisingly gone to bed earlier than normal since being home. Jet lag may or may not have something to do with it. I don't remember it being that bad when I was home from Malawi a few summers ago. OOF. Either way, Beau likes that I come to bed earlier than the norm. The night owl in me doesn't always coincide with the I-need-1928317-hours-of-sleep Beau.

3. The day after I got home from Africa, my family went to the Iowa State Fair. It's a tradition since I've been a wee-one to go on the first Sunday of the fair, allllllll dayyyyyyy lonnnnnnng. You know, I've probably had better ideas, than to go jet-lagged, emotional, and very hungry from only having eaten rice for a week. But, it was still fun and the mini-donuts always make it well worth it. I look forward to the fair fun every summer!

4. We celebrated our little boy's birthday August 17th! He turned THREE! I rode my bike to/from the gym, and rode right past my house because I couldn't wrap up my prayer for him, in time to roll into my driveway. It was a sweet time of thanking the Lord for his birth mom. For choosing LIFE. Then, choosing LIFE again. I'll leave it at that.
It was a heavy moment. But the Lord really spoke to my heart, and it was such a joy praying over our son's life....for his health, his heart for Jesus, for him as a son, brother, a husband some day, and a child of God.

THEN, we were invited over to friends' of ours for dinner last night. We walked in the house, then stood at the counter catching up, probably a full 15 minutes before I realized that there was a decorated, chocolate, birthday cake on the counter. It was another few minutes, and the wonderful friend of mine that said, "It's for C!"....before it hit me....THEY WENT OUT AND GOT A BIRTHDAY CAKE with his name on it and a "3" candle........FOR OUR SON. (I'm that unobservant that it didn't occur to me that their family has zero 3 year olds...hahaha!) Driving home from work today, the gesture of that cake, singing to him, and sharing it with that family and their kiddos who have also been adopted (three of their six beauties)...meant so incredibly much to me. Tears were shed. (shocker)
We are loved. C & M are so so loved....I wish they knew that! 

5. I spend my nights since being home, making things like recess duty calendars, typing out 21 names on a label maker, revising newsletters for the beginning of the school year, emails, etc. School starts in two days. Where did my summer go? Holy smokes. To be honest, being back to work could be a really fantastic, fulfilling way to distract me of the 'wait'....oh adoption. But this is where Jesus has my ministry right now. I want to be present for that. I want to be ready to soak up what He may want me to know and learn in this phase of life.

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Natassia Butler said...

Oh my this just made me cry!!! I love it!!!! What amazing friends