Sunday, November 9, 2014

Foolish or full of Hope?

I was having a conversation with my Father in Heaven one afternoon, on my commute home from work. We seem to have great talks when I'm driving solo. It dawned on me, how foolish we may look. Maybe more me, than Beau. You see, it hit me. I've never asked for a miracle that was utterly and seemingly impossible. I've prayed and requested for so many things in my lifetime- but nothing popped into my mind that seemed impossible, that I was asking God to do the possible, through Him and only Him. 

Right now we are at the point of our adoption process where we are waiting for a court date. This week, our attorney in Africa will be going to the registrar to request a court date for us. Supposedly, it takes three-ish weeks to hear from the courts when our court date is. (It's Africa. It can take much much longer than three weeks to hear. We understand that.) With this date, we then know when to book tickets, and to head over to (for me) be reunited with out kiddos, and for Beau, to meet them for the very first time. We are asking The Lord to hear our date in less than the "three weeks".  

Since January, when we started this whole shebang, we've had the hope for the kids to be home by the end of the year. For 11 months, when people ask for the rough estimate of a time line- this is what we had to tell them (we didn't make this time frame up, haha) We are fully aware that adoption DOES NOT HAVE A TIMELINE. Well, it's now November and we don't have a court date. We've also heard that all of the court dates for 2014 are full. That means it puts us into 2015 sometime that our court date will be. 

However, we have been fervently praying for a miracle. We've been asking The Lord for favor on our case, for our children who are waiting to come home. We are praying for a massive impossible miracle for a court date still in 2014. You see, this is the first time I've prayed for something that someone says "you can't", and for God to say, "but I CAN!" I don't know how it would happen- someone else can't attend their date? There was one left over that was left unseen? Who knows. But God could do whatever he wanted. 

So, with that- why am I so hopeful? 

Because I believe IN, a God who sent his only Son. The Son who would take on the burden of "me", and all of my ugliness within my heart and very being, take on the mess of the world. The Messiah that so many spoke of and prophesied that would be coming to redeem. Jesus who healed disease, blindness, the lame, who made the sinner, clean. I believe in Jesus Christ who bore my sin and shame, on a cross, who died a terrible and agonizing death....for me. Who then rose from the dead three days later. Conquering the grave. Because of Him, the same power that conquered the grave, lives IN me. 

Because I have chosen to LIVE FOR HIM. I have hope. 

I have also realized that although I look like a total nut job to so many, believers and non-believers.....I don't have to be embarrassed to have a hope in Him. If the courts give us a date in 2015, I don't have to feel ashamed or "eat my words", or have to think "they told you so", for having such high hopes, or an expectation to see what The almighty God could do, if it was His will. There is no shame In putting your hope and trust in Jesus Christ. 

Just like it is God's will to heal the sick, the terminally ill, soften the hearts who are hard against Him, open up the countries who are prohibiting adoptions, turn our leaders back to Himself, provide financially for those who are struggling to make ends meet, give joy to the broken-hearted, peace to the unsettled, etc....
He could do this.
If He says no, we trust that. 

Anyway, we will be praying over our attorney, the courts, and of course, our children over the coming weeks as we wait. 
We know that this is His story, not ours. 
We know it's His perfect timing, not ours. 
We know He loves our children more than we ever can. 
We know that He sees the big picture, we do not. 
We know He is good, no matter what the decision is. 
We know He is with us through each day that passes, and with our children. 

I know what the world says.
But I want to hear what He says.
Join us in praying for His will. 

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