Saturday, November 29, 2014

Waiting....Yet Worthy of Praise

Hi loved ones, 

We haven't heard anything from the courts in regards to when our court date may be. It's been two weeks since we've been submitted. Meaning it could be a good 2-3 weeks before we could hear. I won't even tell you how many times I refresh my email daily. (I've also unsubscribed from countless department store's junk emails- what a tease they are! ;)) 

As you know, we were praying for a tiny/massive miracle to have heard by Macy's birthday. Our little lady turned ONE- November 22nd. My mom had the idea to celebrate with our family and best friends, enjoying homemade pizza, ice cream, and cake. I couldn't say no. ;) 

You see, because it was just thanksgiving, and that night as we crawled into bed I found myself complaining of the wait. Beau gently reminded me, it's THANKSGIVING KENDRA, we have so much to be thankful for.
In this time of waiting, I wanted to share an unbelievable answer to prayer we received back in September. A reminder that He is good no matter "when." With permission, and while not using names, get ready to be blown away by God.

---- It was a Sunday morning in between services at church, when we were approached by one of our friends. When I think back, his face looked quite "surprised" to come across us. After greeting one another, he asked how our adoption process was going. We filled him in, and then he asked how many more times we would have to travel to Uganda (could be once for me, or twice for both of us). 
Again, we explained, and then he asked what airport I flew into when I visited. (Nothing is occurring to me at this point other than his pure curiosity) We said goodbye as he headed into the next service and we headed home. He left us with, "My wife and I will be in touch!". 


Later that afternoon, we got a text from him, telling us that he and his wife had been praying how to be involved with our adoption, and what God was doing. He then asked if we would "allow" him and his wife to purchase TWO round trip tickets for our first trip to Uganda when the time came. 

We were on a bike trail with my family that day, and we both had to pull our bikes over. After saying? "Noooo. Way. Are you kidding? No. Way. Oh my word. This is crazy! What? Are they serious?"...we finally put together a reply back, in compete shock and thanksgiving. 

The cool part? 
Just 9 months prior, when we started this process, I remember laying in bed, looking at the ceiling, hand in hand, praying together.....having no idea why, asking The Lord to go before us, and lay on someone's heart who may have frequent flyer miles, that maybe they would be able to bless us in that way. A way He would provide for this process.  (Knowing not everyone can bless through a monetary way, but through prayers, children items, etc,) 

How was this couple able to offer these tickets? 


The next time we saw this couple, they shared with us the process of God laying this on their hearts. When He started impressing upon them, the husband realized he had lost Beau's phone number when his phone broke. He knew he could get Beau's number from a friend, but that friend had been busy so he didn't want to bother asking. He knew the next way was to find us at church. He told us how bummed he was about that because he didn't know what service we attended, and it's a 2,000+ attending church. He thought "there's no way I'll find them...but Lord help me find them this morning..."  That same Sunday morning, he said he came out from one area of our church, and there Beau and I were. That's when he asked all of those questions-hence, why he had that "surprised" look on his face when saw us!!  

Next, he told us that even after talking with us, he thought again, should he and his wife do this? He mentioned, that the service we just left, and the one he and his wife were then walking into, was about being generous and giving towards God's kingdom. He said it was yet, ANOTHER, confirmation from The Lord that, YES- He wants them to step out and bless us in this way. 


You guys, GOD IS NOT DEAD. He is NOT some magic genie granting your wishes if you're good. He is not just a mythical creature. He is not a religion. He is not a mean, "I'll strike you dead if you do/don't  _______."
 He is a TRUE, ALMIGHTY, CARING, LOVING, ALL-KNOWING, Father who created us and knows what is best for us. He is a father who knows what we need, in the perfect timing. He is a REAL RELATIONSHIP! 

That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. We don't have to DO anything to earn this, but believe in Him, pick up your cross and follow Him...

For however long, He was behind (our) scenes working in another couple's lives, to be part of HIS story, that is being carried out through us. (How humbling) 

We sure don't deserve it. But we are so thankful for this couples sacrifice and massively generous hearts. We can't thank you enough, generous mystery friends!!! So many have sacrificially given towards bringing home our kids. No matter the gift- it's been a blessing. No matter the amount or timing- you have been a part of God's story through us- for His kingdom.  
Every can, every bottle. 
Every bib/crib sheet/book/sippy cup/toy. Every penny. 
Has been a massive blessing. 
Thank you. 
Words will NEVER express our thankfulness. 

Be encouraged. And mostly, I pray that you would lean into Jesus Christ. I pray that as you read this, He would move in your heart. I pray you give, living a life for Him, a chance. Or another chance? 
I've tried living without Him, I've tried living for this world AND Him at the same time....and since living ONLY for him (still a sinner, just a sinner saved by Grace) I don't ever want to experience living without Jesus again. 

We can boast in no one but Jesus Christ.

Even when things don't happen in our timing, it's important for us to reflect on what He has done, and how far he has brought us. We know 
he will continue to carry us through. 


Beau and Kendra 

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