Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2nd IOM tomorrow, and how we are praying!


If you don't follow us on Facebook or our blog, I realized I forgot to email this here's the link to my blog post about our first IOM appointment. Well, I got there, and they said I didn't have an appointment.

Our 2nd appointment is scheduled for 9:00am tomorrow, 1:00am your time Central time zone people!!! We know that appointment means nothing to these people. SO we will start to sit in the sun at 9:00am an wait to be called. They will: 

- ask us one billion questions about our kids health. most of what, we have no idea about. 
- check Carver's TB test....which by the way, may I add, I forgot about the "circle" around the injection site. Not only did he sweat it off by supper last night. Mom forgot to keep it out of water, and it washed off. So I went to the Super Market and found a green marker, circled the injection, and put the marker back. SHhhhhh, don't tell! 
Uh. And how I kept it from getting wet this time. Poor little guy even held his arm up and on the wall of the shower out of the way, best he could. 

- Height, weight, heart beat, bla bla bla for each......
- who knows what else. 

THEN, we WAIT! ARE YOU AT ALL SURPRISED? We wait for the results to be 'sent' (driven) to the Embassy. They tell us this takes 5-7 days. But again, we KNOW THAT IT CAN TAKE THREE DAYS like my friend Gina and Lisa here. IF THAT HAPPENED, they would receive our results on TUESDAY. 

Now, I don't know if they will email you the day before your proposed appointment (Wednesday) but I'm PRAYING THEY DOOOOOOOO! PLEASE LORD! I want a WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18th APPOINTMENT AT THE US EMBASSY! 

Here's why. You wanna know why? (I'm kind of feisty right now!) 
2.) My mom's scheduled to LEAVE here, (she's on her way here now) on Wednesday night. If we had a Wednesday appt and found out that we were approved, she could bump her ticket to Friday or Saturday and fly home with us!!!

Again, I'm guessing if we don't get Wednesday the 18th, to pick up visas on Friday the 20th, and home that would be embassy on Monday the 23rd, visa pick up on Wed. 25th, leave Wednesday night, like my friend Gina did tonight as well!!! 

I know two things: 

1.) I know God can intervene. AS CLEARLY SEEN and experienced with my time at IOM yesterday. I KNOW HE CAN. He literally made an impossible thing POSSIBLE. He's not a magic genie. I didn't just 'use up' one of my wishes. So cool about God....he's infinite in his mighty power. 

2.) That God's timing is best. If he wants me to live here a week longer. I'll do it. Well I don't have a choice, but I'll do my best to trust and I know I will continue to know He is good, and once again, be reminded that it's not about me. He likes to remind me that often. HIS GLORY. NOT MINE!

Tonight, Carver and I prayed (I've been teaching him about prayer and talking to God, he repeats after me, so cute in his little English accent that is emerging!) that He would bring us home to IOWA and to Daddy next week, on Friday...... :) I really wouldn't mind if God answers Carver's prayer!! ;) ;) 

Thanks for praying with us!! WHO IS EXCITED TO SEE WHAT GOD WILL AND CAN DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! 


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