Thursday, November 12, 2015

Update: praises!

*** edit: this post was taken down during our in-country process for safety and security issues. Therefore the date published shows the date I am republishing. Written the week we were in UG for court. (November 8-15)

It's 5 something in the morning. The Muslim call to prayer seems to never end or maybe they do a "special" on Fridays? Ha! I don't know. 

Since I can't sleep, I thought I would list the praises of how God has worked and things he's done to bless us during this trip! This has truly been a flawless and super enjoyable trip. And I'm trying to soak up, having Beau with me, as much as I possibly can. What a difference maker it is having your best friend with you. 

- air travel: couldn't have gone better. No delays, cancellations, no lost luggage, and only one bag was rummaged through.

- Uganda travel: none of our drivers have been late, we haven't gotten stuck in terrible jams yet, no accidents, (I've been in one minor accident with one driver on a previous trip, and we had a minor run in with a goat this trip.), friendly and trustworthy drivers, and have yet to get lost! Woo! 

- health: for the first time in four trips I didn't get super sick in the first week of arriving! Huge praise! Experiencing a little stomach issue for both of us today, but whatever. I'm sure the enemy is trying everything in his power to deter us on court day. 

- Beau and I have gotten to sleep in the same bed, all but our last two nights here in Uganda. The beds are majority single/bunk beds, and we were in a room for the first four nights, in a king bed! Double, no queen, no king-sized Praise!!!!!!! (And our own private bathroom!) 

- the weather has been great! It's the rainy season right now so it rains once a day. But it isn't scorching hot and it's s comfortable night's sleep with being cool. 

- the process: we have made great relationships and connections with the in-country staff working for our adoption. This is something I prayed specifically about. Our in-country facilitator checks in often with us, just asking how our day is, communicates well, and is constantly working behind the scenes on our behalf. (Thanks God!) Our new attorney is a friendly, jolly little fellow who we had great conversation with. Thank you Lord for someone who has advocated for J SO MUCH the last couple of months! We have been fervently praying over our judge! We'll see today how that goes!! 

- teeny praise! The mosquitos haven't even been that bad! Holla!!!

- coming back to this guest house has been like coming back to a home away from home. The staff here, both Ugandan and American welcomed us back with gigantic open and loving arms! I have spent the majority of my free time talking and catching up with them. We've also made new friends with the current families also staying here. I've also been able to meet three families I've been in contact with via email and social media, stateside, now Uganda side. SO NEAT to see those come to fruition! (So thankful for these little gems!) Even the gal at embassy when we came in for our appointment for some minor check list things, jaw-dropped when we walked in the door. She said she recognized Beau's name from the first time we came because it's not a common one. She asked how our other two kids are and just smiled and was so friendly! (Lord, let that be even the tiniest blessing/stepping stone of paving the way with the embassy in the future!). She asked if J was a sibling to the other two and I said no, and it took all that was in me not to take the best 45 minutes telling her how and why God was working! Haha! All in due time. ;) 

- Miss J:
*  no fits. No bed wetting. She eats anything. Takes baths in total delight. She loved the warm water! She started playing with other kids and coming out of her shell only three days after being with us! She smiles and giggles almost around the clock. 

* She doesn't call us mom and dad yet. But after three trips of knowing me, and me always being Carver and Macy's mom, and calling me "Kendra", this can be expected. She enjoys holding our hands while walking or sitting with us. She really enjoys having Beau carry her, and will cuddle up with us in the morning when she first awakes, or when we've succumbed to jet lag afternoon naps. ;) 

* The women here adore her, she's the only child here, who given her age, or how the baby home has raised her, when she takes her dishes to the kitchen/ladies or greets them in the morning, she gets down on her knees/bows down in respect to them (it's a cultural thing) Including the lovely American owner as well. :) They comment on that every time, and give big smiles, hug her, and say how sweet she is. 

* Her English: she doesn't know too much, but she does know some single words, more than Carver and Macy did. She knows her ABCs fairly well, and will sing some classroom songs to us too. When you ask "What is your name?" She rattles the whole thing off, uses her please and thank you's often as well. 

* it's been fun seeing her reaction to the big, busy, crowded city. :) All three of our kids are from a small quiet town/village. So she stays close! And every time we ride a boda boda she gets shot gun in front of the driver, on the gas tank with hands in the gas tank. She always always looks back in reassurance that we're behind her somewhere, and enjoys the rides with a big smile! (Much like Carver did!) 

* we got her hair cut before court. Her hair was super unhealthy, and different colors- a sign of malnutrition, uneven length, and spotty growth. We decided to take her for a wash and trim at the salon I took Macy, and once again the language barrier took full affect and they cut WAYYYY more off than we initially wanted. We ended up LOVING it and it totally changed her appearance and she's even more beautiful if possible! :) While waiting, I saw that one of the salon's services was ear piercing and we asked one of the workers if they spoke her language to ask if she wanted her ears "pinned".  She's old enough to know and make the decision, and she said yes right away. She took it like a champ! Didn't even bat an eye. The staff was shocked! She loves them!! And now has her ears pinned just like mommy and Macy! Afterwards we went to a supermarket to have her pick out a fun pair of earrings for when her ears are healed and we can change them out. 

* QUITE the accessorizer: I had brought a Baggie full of different hair accessories and jewelry, since she's older. She would wear the bracelets to bed if we let her. We actually did let her the first night and they bang and clanked too loudly and ended up setting them aside eventually. She went through two different headbands yesterday after her hair cut, hair bows, and I let her pick out a necklace from one of the worker's bead collection. (The magazine ones!) She wore everything she could from head to two! She enjoys picking out her outfits from two choices every morning as well, and prefers a dress for sure! Girly girl! (Which says a lot when she came to us in Spider-Man light up tennis shoes, two sizes too small.) ha! 

That's about it! I'll post about us meeting J again in another post. All in all, no complaints, just pure joy and praise to Him who is worthy of all honor and glory! 

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