Monday, January 31, 2011

More than a "cross-off"....

So, a LOT has happened in a WEEKs worth of time! I can hardly catch my breath really. That’s okay though. It’s an exciting, anticipating, try to be patient time- it’s so neat when you’re in a time of growing, and waiting- knowing GOD IS DOING SOMETHING. GOD IS MOVING! My attitude and prayer has been something along the lines of Chris Tomlin’s newest song blaring out there on the radio….or is that just my car it’s blaring in? His lyrics go like this-
Where you go, I'll go

Where you stay, I'll stay

When you move, I'll move

I will follow...

All your ways are good

All your ways are sure

I will trust in you alone

Higher than my sight

High above my life

I will trust in you alone

Where you go, I'll go

Where you stay, I'll stay

When you move, I'll move

I will follow you

Who you love, I'll love

How you serve I'll serve

If this life I lose, I will follow you

I will follow you

Light unto the world

Light unto my life

I will live for you alone

You're the one I seek

Knowing I will find

All I need in you alone, in you alone

In you there's life everlasting

In you there's freedom for my soul

In you there  is joy, unending joy

and I will follow

            I couldn’t help but make my favorite parts BIGGER, because this song has been my life’s theme song lately. I think YouTube will kick me off pretty soon, with a message like “I’m sorry you have timed out of your Replay options, please QUIT IT”. Never know!
            Anyway, here’s a little backdrop to WHY this week has been such a time of patience and waiting, and now its all of a sudden the next five months of “Holy cow, what did I get myself into?”. Doesn’t Satan always want us to think that when we commit ourselves to the Lord and the work of His kingdom? HA! (Sorry, too excited to let you rain on God's parade in my life satan...)

The best leader (Jenn) ever giving her bit...
            So a week ago, our connection group was asked if we would be apart of the announcements at The Salt Company (TSC), promoting how AWESOME being in a Connection Group is! 
me shaking and sweating in front of 800+ giving mine....
(WOOOOOOOO! Shout out to all those pretty ladies!) And when Jenn, Heidi, and I met with Jill P. to discuss what we would like to share, she went down the line of the order of what the announcements were. 
The announcement before ours was about the sudden need to fill a spot on the MALAWI summer trip, a girl nonetheless.             My two girls in the connection group kind of looked at me, and spurred me on. They have known my heart’s desire to GO, to go to Africa and DO, do whatever it is GOD would have me do. So I probed Jill for a few more bits of info, because I had not initially applied for this opportunity 3 months previous…..and she began to tell me….and then proceeded to go get the guy heading this search process who also came over and gave me more information. After a quick chat, he told me to “Go home, talk to your boyfriend, your parents, and sleep on it….” HA! I WAS ELATED. How in the world and where in the world did this just come about? LIKE NO WAY! INCREDIBLE. So after our announcement to Salt, I was just itching, and antsy, and jittery to get home and do what Ben said. I was in constant prayer during this service, the drive home, before and after talking to my dad, and that night. Then told Ben, yes- yes sir I AM INTERESTED, tell me the next move. So a week later, after a massive application, an interview, and lots of praying, and not a whole lot of sleep….I received the call on Friday, that if I was still interested (ARE YOU KIDDING?) I had been selected to fit the 6th slot for the MALAWI TEAM this summer, amongst 3 other girls, and 2 guys from TSC.
So I don’t know EVER SINGLE DETAIL, but what I do know is- we will have an “O” week, or an Orientation week with our team in KS, from May 21-May 27 or so, come back here, then on JUNE 5- JULY 16  we will be in Malawi!
And readers, guess what!?! Member that post a few days ago? Well take a gander, fourth one down:
·     Serve in Africa- in whatever way Jesus sees fit
Even though this is SUCH a neat opportunity, I think I can already say that as exciting as it is to accomplish something that my heart so greatly desires, and get to “cross it off”, that I want to leave it UNCROSSED, because this won’t be the only time I want to go and do just THAT. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for this experience to serve Him. My prayer is that my heart, eyes, ears, hands, will be ready to soak everything in, to do everything He sets in front of us- that my heart will be preparing the next five months, etc. I just KNOW that God will do so many incredible things for these people we encounter, if not more within my own heart and life. AHHHHHHH! SO EXCITED! 
Seriously, LISTEN TO THIS. It's even more powerful and catchy with music rather than just lyrics, can you imagine? :) 

 God is Good. (Even when my posts are really, way too long.) Be blessed & open to what God may be calling YOU to do today!


Megan said...

I am so so excited for you!!! I want to go to Africa someday too!! :) I'll definitely be praying for you so much that all the planning and preparing goes smoothly. I can't believe God has blessed me with such an amazing friend! :)

Laura said...

YAY! This was SO fun to read! I am so excited for you to go to Africa! What a sweet opportunity, I can't wait to hear more about it.

Jon and Nicole Sage said...

always FOLLOW Love you girl :) can't wait for your experience to finally happen Love you :)

Janel said...

WOW!!!!!! That story gives me goosebumps! God was TOTALLY working....what a perfect spot on the team...ready to be filled by you. God is going to use this as such a changing experience in your life. SO excited for you!