Sunday, February 20, 2011

the Jar

The thought of what this post is about, gets me all jittery inside. To some, might be just silliness. But, I'm serious about as seriousness can get, when I tell you about my Jar
aside from my messy shelf and Passport (why its here?) and just a few of my FRIENDS seasons, (which is pro adoption too) haha
 I've had it forever, and I can't even tell you where I bought it, it says "Girls Night Out". I laugh when I look back and what I probably hoped the money I filled with it would get me, cover at a bar? Maybe a few shots? Pathetic. That left me with an empty jar, and an empty hole in my life. Puke. (probably literally) Disclaimer: we're working on a new Jar. :)

But now, for the past 2 years + I have changed that Jar into my Adoption Jar as we call it. I say 'we' as in Beau and I. I started the Adoption Jar before we even met, but it wasn't until I met Mr. Beau and we got to crushing on each other, did I really get going on it. As in, we put a lot more in it at a faster rate than I did before. My whole life has changed since knowing two people in my life.

  1. Jesus
  2. Beau 
We put any change we find in our pockets, bottom of my purse, top of the washer/dryer, floor of my car, Menard's floor, the gym, the nasty-snowy-wet parking lots, any money we get "unexpectedly", etc. Actually, even Beau's roommate asked why I kept asking if the change on Beau's coffee table was his or Nick's. I said, "Well, for our adoption Jar!". He laughed, and then said- "For real? You can have it. Wait, I want the quarters, but you can have the rest. This means I can be the "god parent", right?"
HAHA. Whatever that means.

Even though we both have gobs and gobs of student loans to pay off before or whilest we pursue an adoption, its happening. I've wanted to since I was 12 years old. Kerrie Thompson (now Knudsen) says it was more like 8-9 years old, but who knows. Either way, I was young. I can't even tell you why- I don't know anyone that has adopted until the last few years of my life. But nothing scares be away, money maybe- but God work's that stuff out when you obey Him, how long it takes? Maybe, but some agencies are 8-9 months, that's about as long as being prego. :) Some ask, what about them being a different color, or loving them the same as one of your own? I can't answer with full knowledge, because, well- HELLO, I haven't had the opportunity of either. BUT- I'm telling you, this desire GOD HAS PUT IN MY HEART, hasn't died off what-so-ever. I have no worries. Stick to Him, and what else can I ask for? He never said it'd be easy.

To come across a man that God has put into my life, that ALSO has a burning desire to adopt- is an answer to prayer. Literally. I have record of it. That my future husband, would want to do the same as my heart's desire. I received a text from my beau tonight saying this- "I know this won't happen, but even if we didn't get married, I would STILL adopt!...God has put it in my heart and I WILL adopt kids from Africa someday." 

I responded with a- " :) please don't ever say that again" and here are his string of responses...

"I know, but I'm saying it's not just because of you that I want to do this, I truly want to, and God has really given me a heart for the orphans, Babe, if we adopt like a 4-5 year old, chances are he/she is alive! Somewhere in Africa. Right now! We should start praying for them. Makes me kinda sad that I can't just get them now and take care of them their whole life..."

How. Blessed. Am. I. 
and he's right, it's never too early to start praying for the plan God has in store for either of us, together or not. God is good. 

Here is a video that got me on fire tonight that just fuels the fire inside me....WATCH THIS!

if this doesn't work, which it won't for me, search "Lucy Lane's Gotcha Day" video on YouTtube...or visit it's on the right side....she has a busy blog so keep an eye out. :D

 Thank you Jesus- my life is yours. Can't wait. 


Lisa said...

So I am bawling right now....with joy and praying that our kids are being loved wherever they are at this moment--as much as little Lucy was in her orphanage. Thanks for sharing this post, Kendra. Keep saving your money in your jar--but also remember that money is no obstacle for God (learning that myself!). Love ya.

Jon and Nicole Sage said...

This is so beautiful... I love this :) Thanks for sharing! Love your desire for God and Beau and orphans! it's so addictive Love you girl.

Megan said...

Ahhh I love this!!! I want to adopt sooo badly! :) :) Do you want to have biological children as well? Before or after adopting? Love, love, love... lets move to nashville so we can be around these amazing people lol