Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Did you happen to notice the sign above? Oh! Really? You did? GREAT!

To start things off, here is the word of the day---- 
(according to
STRIVE: try for, exert oneself (verb)
Synonyms: aim, assay, attempt, bear down, bend over backward, break one's neck, compete, contend, do one's best, do one's utmost, drive, endeavor, essay, fight, go after, go all out, go for broke, go for the jugular, go the limit, hassle, jockey, knock oneself out, labor, leave no stone unturned, make every effort, moil, offer, push, scramble, seek, shoot for, try hard, tug, work, strain, struggle, sweat, tackle, take on, toil

………You pick one. For me, this is what I do. Pick any one of those (except for the ones that don’t really make sense to me because I don’t know what they mean) and that’s what I try to do every day. I try to live for my Savior. To represent Him the best I can. To show the world, His majesty, the glory of the Lord. That all should know, that all should bow, before our gracious King, because of what He’s done in my life- I want people to know. I’ve said it before, that I want to live life as if there WAS, always was, a God, rather than to live my whole life as if there wasn't, and come to the gates of Heaven and find out there indeed- was One. And end up somewhere else, and that all along I chose not to follow him. That I chose to live life my way, according to the world, society, to my own selfish desires and empty searches instead.

You see, the thing is, aside from all of the other geological hulla-ba-loo of 240 billion years ago crud about how the earth came to be, or any other scientific spat- the evidence of God through MY life, my PERSONAL everything, is enough for me to believe that a real life relationship with my Awesome God, is all I need. No one at a church, parents, etc have to tell me anymore. Its MY THING. ITS MY EXPERIENCE. It's what HE HAS SHOWN ME. He has brought me through trials I never expected in my life to arise, and those very same trials I was sure I wouldn’t see through to the end. I never saw it then, or if I did, I ignored it- but I look back to all of those sufferings, and I SEE GOD. I SEE THINGS that there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR! I won’t get into everything right now- those posts can wait till later.
The point of the large obnoxious yellow sign above is that, yes, I may proclaim the way and the truth and the life is through Christ Jesus, and Him alone to Heaven, to follow him whole-heartedly, but that doesn’t mean I have it all figured out. That does NOT mean I don’t mess up DAILY, HOURLY, heck- MINUTELY! Living a life with out imperfections is impossible. Trust me, I messed up plentttttttttty of times even before coming to this realization, as well as TONS since having this relationship with God . That’s something I feel people who look from the outside-in misunderstand.

They watch you, carefully- waiting for you to mess up. Waiting for you to screw up, embarrass yourself, hit your lowest of lows, see how you handle situations….and in return tell you “That’s not what I want”, or “if THAT person, who does that, and that, and this- is gonna be in Heaven, then IIIIII don’t wanna go there”, “PSSH, and they say they live for Jesus, whateverrrrrrr”. 

Any excuse in the book really, to not do what 'you do'. Any excuse to have zero desire to be broken down, to be rebuilt into what we were created to be, by God himself. I never proclaimed to never mess up. I’m a pro at that- messing up. A PRO. (Just watch!) Heck, who knows if even THIS is coming out right- being spoken with enough ‘poise’ in order to not offend….or be misunderstood. I'll leave that in God's hands! I slip under to sin just as easily as anyone else. It's by God's grace that He continues to encourage me to walk with Him. 
So, IN LIGHT OF- the sign, is something I wish I could accessorize with, and wear around my neck. Wouldn't that look good with any outfit? I thought so.

A pastor once threw in his sermon, he thought every follower of Jesus should wear one of these signs everywhere they go forewarning others- because that’s what we are- UNDER CONSTRUCTION! God is STILL, always will be, continuing a work within me! I'm NO better than any other person walking around. There is on type of 'people' in the world, with one thing in common. We’re all sinners. We can all relate to that. 

And two differences- the choice of accepting the gift and forgiveness of Jesus and what he did for us and living for Him, and the other choice of going through our time here on earth doing our own thing, disregarding what God has in store for us if only we just surrender to his love and grace. 

So I will subconsciously and invisibly wear this sign, being reminded that God isn’t done with me yet- but in the meantime, to STRIVE to live a life that is GLORIFYING and HONORING to my unconditionally loving FATHER- how can I regret THAT when I get to go to Heaven someday? 

Psalm 73:26
 My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

I pray that you'll be encouraged today!!


Anonymous said...

wow kendra- very insightful and encouraging.

Laura said...

Hey Kendra! I would just like to say that I SO appreciate seeing your heart out on the table like this. You have no idea how much I prayed all through high school and on that God would not only break you but give you a desire to strive for HIM! I say this will a heart full of joy in seeing how God has modeled you over the past few years. Love you and I'm praying for you always...

Megan said...

I love this!! It is so true. Just because we're Christians doesn't mean we're suddenly perfect. It means that we know we are so very far from perfect and need God's grace to save us. We own up to our sin and realize that we need Jesus in our lives. Thanks for that, Kendra. :)