Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Um, YOU missed OUT....

Holy Bologna. (I'd rather spell it bolony so it matches the way holy is spelled,  because when I read that <-- way, I do pronounce the 'gna', oh well) :) 
You get the picture?
Well you SHOULDN'T, because I haven't even told you what I'm tweeking out about.

I just got home from the most amazing concert I've ever attended. Actually, I've only EVER been to two concerts in my life- both Chris Tomlin. I have every single one of his cds and first encountered him in 2004 where he was our WORSHIP LEADER 2-3 times a DAY at a high school convention in Salt Lake City, and FRANCIS CHAN & LOUIE GIGLIO were our speakers. For. A. Week. (BE JEALOUS) Seriously, go to Youtube and start searching their stuff- all three of them. Change ya life! (I'm not joking.)

Anyway, Chris sounds just like he does on the radio, his albums, any video you've seen- just incredible. He is so humble, so real, so FUNNY. I'm considering dropping out of school and becoming a Chris Tomlin and Louie groupie and following them everywhere on tour. They're THAT. GOOD.

Am I annoying you yet? Okay, well as soon as you CHECK THEM OUT, I'll stop! ;) 
I bought a few t-shirts there, just because A.) the chick one- way cute. and B.) Bought one for Mr. Beau who didn't get to go to try and make it up to him, and Chris' new cd came with it- so jacked to blow my speakers with it!

But just when you thought it couldn't get any better (like after half-way through his first song), Louie comes out and blows your heart, soul, and mind with God's Word and encouragement. Seriously, God has blessed these men that I encountered tonight- totally sweet to see how He uses them. 

I'm so thankful for RJ Kasper, he is one of my best friend's boyfriends- who lives in Florida, and after two months of being sold out for this concert, called our radio station here in DM 96.1/107.1 and somehow got us two tickets for "Valentine's Day". And surprised us with them last week. Unreal. I had tried prior to this, even if I went by myself and sat in the nose-bleed section- to no avial. Bummer. BUT what a blessing from R to the J in FL!

I will post later, maybe tomorrow- which is really already today, about Louie's message. It's worth it's very own post! :)

Night, everyone who missed out! ;)

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Jon and Nicole Sage said...

Love him Love you :) SOOO cool so blessed you got to go :)