Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love day...

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and after my day of work-class-work- my Man and I started our festivities! It was quite the process, and not your ordinary sequence of events, but that's the fun of it, right?

Yes, we're crazy to attempt a sit-down dinner at the Olive Garden on THE Valentine's night. You see, we as "crushes" last year ventured out to Olive Garden in Des Moines on Vday- now that there's one in Ankeny, we're doubly excited! Beau called at around 4:00 when he got off work in Ankeny to see the wait time- there wasn't! Sweet!

So he went home and showered and got ready, then called OG again- 1hr and 45 min wait. So he booked it down to Ankeny while I was at work and put our name in, temporarily borrowed the little buzzer, and drove back to Huxley to pick me up after I was all ready! What a sweet, go-the-extra-mile guy, huh!?!?

While he was driving laps to and fro Ankeny, I walked into my house and found THESE
Aren't they GORGEOUS, they were the biggest arrangement of flowers I've ever seen!

My. Favorite. Flower. (which is a bummer for future wedding flower reference, I believe they're on the 'pricier' side of flowers)

this vase, is a mini-pool- THAT BIG. My dad I think had a little heart attack walking into these, and jokingly asked Beau if he could put my MOM's name on them after we left, before she got home....AKA- my man, showed him up, wayyyyyy bad. HA!
Okay, I'm spoiled. Rotten.

Anyway, I ripped myself away from these puppies, and got ready so when Beau got back, we could hop in the car to head to OG to indulge in salad, bread sticks, chicken alfredo, and a tasty glass of wine!

 Here we are- ready to walk out the door, I wasn't allowed to wear my heels in this picture, because unknowingly, they made me a teensy-bit taller than Mr. Beau. He wasn't a fan. So we need to go shopping for some shoes that make him taller. (my heels were too cute, and too cheap to pass them up/not wear them)
Look at HIM! Whew! "Look sharp, be sharp" as Menards would tell us! ;)

All in all, we had a fantastic night- we learn new things about each other and how we each work, and how we work TOGETHER in every situation that we encounter. Man, relationship stuff can be touuuuugh! Wouldn't trade it for anything, he brings out the absolute best in me! I thank and praise Jesus for Beau loving me like he does, it's not easy, Lord knows I know that! After all, its only because of Jesus, and how much He loves me, that He's blessing ME with this gift of LOVE with Beau.

Someday- I'll let you all in, on HOW perfect this man of God is for me. But until next time- tell someone YOU love, appreciate, and cherish- just how much you love, appreciate, and cherish THEM! You don't need it to be the 14th day in February for that....


Sharon Harmsen said...

Kendra- So glad you loved the flowers. And for future reference-Lilies are not that pricey for weddings! Beau seems very sweet and after meeting him it is obvious that he is crazy about you too. I am so happy that you found each other. Everyday of life is an adventure that God uses to show us his character so we can become what He has planned for us.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

How did I not know about this blog?!!

Anyway, what a special day for you and Mr. Beau. And the flowers are lovely! God is good!

Anonymous said...

Wow- you two ARE looking sharp! Looks like you had a great night! :) Beau, good job on the flowers and getting her into OG :)