Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tenders, TV dinners, and Toaster Strudels

Man, oh, man.

This week has been an exhausting one, in more ways than one. It's Wednesday? Hmm, well over the weekend I went to the Salt Co. retreat where Paul Sabino spoke....ALL. WEEKEND. Let me tell you people, it doesn't get much better than that. To hear him speak, Thursday, Friday, twice Saturday, and again on Sunday. MAN, that guy has been blessed by the Lord in speaking deep into people's hearts. Incredible. Here is my FAVE one, mainly directed at men (but SO insightful and encouraging for women to hear, woah baby!) in good, soooo- so good. Paul: Retreat SUNDAY morning..... Beau and I were so encouraged by this....

The bummer about this weekend was that I woke up Friday night, with the early comings of a cold, and from then on out- it was over for me. I get sick- allllllllllllll the time. It's unreal. Last fall I also got sick on Friday night of the retreat and had to leave early, I wasn't giving in this spring though. NO WAY, NO HOW! So when I got home on Sunday, I was laid out, and laid in bed the entire day/night. Beau made my day a little better with a 32" Vizio flat screen t.v. for my bedroom that he got me for my birthday a day early, with the help from some other relatives contributing! Pretty good timing considering I spent the next two days in my room with this crud.

Monday- was my birthday! Birthdays are supposed to be exciting, but the older you get, I think the less exciting they get. Needless to say, I was at home sick in bed during my 22nd birthday. However, I felt so loved through all the messages I received through Facebook and text messages. My Beau finished his training for his new job early, so he was able to come and spend some time with me, and made me chicken strips, cottage cheese, and leftover french bread for my birthday supper. (Mom & Dad were in Iowa City for the day/evening) HAHAHA! He's a riot.

 When Beau and I started dating, we went out all the time. Out to the movies, out to eat, out to dessert, out on motorcycle rides, you name it. After we got a little more settled with each other, there was a night where I was getting home really late from something, and he called and said, "I'll make you dinner if you wanna stop by!". This was our first "at home" dinner date.....and when I walked in this was what was prepared.....
Made on a Pizaz

not sure which one was the "main course", hahaha
for desert :)
Not exactly what you think of for a "dinner date", huh? hahahahaa, but it's one I'll never forget, and one that I love retelling, Beau not so much. HA, I get a good giggle out of it every time. 

(Hey and don't forget to listen to that message, seriously! You will NOT regret it!) 

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