Friday, September 16, 2011

"Pregnancy Brain"

Okay, before you freaaaaak out- don't.

I've been absent from blogging for quite some time, and I'm blaming it on the equivalent condition of "pregnancy brain".
Also known as: 
  • pregnancy brain
  • mommy brain
  • pregnancy amnesia
  • momnesia

Let me explain.
I've often heard pregnant ladies, moms, etc comment on how they're losing their minds, they're forgetful, they say and do, or forget to do things they woudn't normally do- due to their current circumstance.
Although I don't have ANY children, (other than the 31 kiddos I'm in charge of before and after school 5 days a week for my source of income) I can COMPLETELY relate to these women.

The condition I'm currently suffering from is:
  • Wedding-planning brain
  • Bride Brain
  • Wedding-planning amnesia
  • bridenesia
You see, 18 credits, working 22 hours, a Marriage 101 class at church coming up, pre-marital counseling, wedding planning, homework, working out (if I can stay awake to), three wedding showers in October, nannying the other two Saturdays that month.....I'm literally losing my mind. 
I'm emailing, texting, calling, asking people things I can't remember if I've done or not, my eyes are going blind from looking at a computer screen of eight pages of labels for invites, not knowing if I've forgotten someone, or got them down two or three times on accident...the list of crazyness goes on.
Don't get me wrong- I LOVE PLANNING MY WEDDING.
It's seriously, SO FUN and if I could- it'd all I'd do all day....
over homework, hanging out with Beau, working out, etc. ;)
I search for coupons, search the Sunday ads for the best sale price somewhere, search and read wedding blog after wedding blog/wedding photographer sites and their pictures for tips/ideas/inspriation, email vendors, making spreadsheets of this and that, etc, Etc. ETc. ETC


Although the next 50 days will be crazy...filled with decorationg, baking, picking people up from airports, filling the basement with couches, air mattresses, futons, and sleeping bags, alterations, creating schedules, up-do run throughs, wedding showers galore, moving Beau to our new place, homework, lesson planning for my upcoming practicum, etc.....IT'S GOING TO FLY BY and before I KNOW IT, I'LL BE A MARRIED WOMAN- MRS. CHRISTIANSEN!

So here's a quick synopsis of what we've accomplished the last few weeks:

1.) Beau is currently living with a guy from his connection group, and we've been 'advised' that when we get married, having him as a roommate- just doesn't sound ideal. SO, we went on the newlywed-affordable-apartment-search......AND FOUND a basement from a family that is from our church to rent out! They built their house last October and the basement with intent to rent out to a couple-
like US! WOO!

2.) Find a subleaser for Beau's CURRENT place of residency- CHECK! Beau posted an add on Craigslist and Facebook market and has had over EIGHT inquires about it within hours of the post- and we have to worry no more about having a roommate after November 1st! PRAISE GOD!

3.) We've been registering for our wedding, which to be honest- is SO HARD.
I really struggle walking around massive stores, filled with massive amounts of materials/worldly things that you scan for other people to buy for you....that will do and get me no where in this life or after I'm gone, or if my house burns down, all to make us 'comfortable' and things easier around the house. ESPECIALLY after returning from really depresses me for the sake of 'tradition' and the "you have to"s. 
But I guess if I can serve the Lord with pots, pans, mixers, vacuums, and towels by providing people a clean place to sleep, eat, and hang out while we wait to see what he wants us to do- so be it! :)
I TRULY wish we could just register for gift cards to an adoption agency. That's our biggest desire. Poop.

(Secret: I'm really trusting that this whole registering for gifts thing will be in the hands of God and lead people as to what we NEED/what to buy, as we want to be really open to where God has us in the future...not being held down by a lease/future house and payment/possessions... in order to 'GO' if we're called to GO somewhere. We're really praying that He'll show us what He wants us to do/go/when. Pray with us?)

4.)  Sent invites out! I'd say that was the single-most stressful task of wedding planning. Just the finding the right and most current address for every single person, making sure the labels match the proper 'wedding etiquette', blechhhhh. I'm SO not a formal person, so I naturally SO don't care. ;)
The envelope gets crunched, smudged, bent, dirty, and THROWN away upon arrival- 
so come on, get real?!?!?!

So we have the BIG things out of the way, now it's the nitty-gritty all in the last two weeks things that are left. (Kinda) My To-Do list grows every day the closer we get, how does THAT work? HA!
All in all- it's been a GREAT season of life and by far the busiest!

Some things you could be praying for: 
  • patience
  • energy
  • good use of time & time with Jesus
  • reliance on God for all of the tasks at hand
  • that Beau and I would glorify Christ in ALL we do: today, tomorrow, and all of the days of our life pre/post marriage
  • that we would be open to what He wants to do with our lives together!! (seriously, we're really wanting clarity for things God is speaking to us on)
  • wise use of our finances and possessions for His glory!!!
  • anything else the good Lord puts on your heart! 

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