Monday, December 12, 2011

Jamaica bound mon'

Well howdy! ( I haven't looked up the Jamaican greeting yet) HA!
However, Beau and I are getting more and more excited for our nice and sunny, hot, beachy, crashing waves HONEYMOON on FRIDAY!

That's right, we are headed to Minneapolis Thursday afternoon to bunk it up at my aunt and uncle's house that night. They live about 15 minutes out from the airport, and they're the lucky ones who get to drive us to and fro to the airport. 
Specifically at 5am on Friday morning. (yawn) 
Right now- I'm more excited for that because I absolutely adore hanging out with them and their four wonderful girls. :) 

 Then the adventure begins!!!!
For starters, the Mr. has NEVER, I repeat NEVER-- been on an airplane.  
So yes, then the adventure truly begins. (hehe)
I'm just thankful our flight will be about 13 hours shorter than the ones I was on this summer for Africa! 
I think our longest is 3 hours.
We fly out Friday morning at 7:00am, 
have a layover in Charlotte, NC for a whopping 50 minutes
and then off to JAMAICA. 
When we land we have about an hour and a half commute to the resort....

from then on....

It's layin out from 8:00-4:00 every day. ;) 
Surprisingly when I brought this up to Beau, he was for it. 
(don't tell him I told you- because he secretly wishes he was as "tan" as I am. You should SEE the Mii the self-created characters in our Wii that he created for me.) that rhymed way too much.
Goodness gracious you'd think my ethnicity listed on my drivers license was lying or something. 
HA! dork.

Just because I want to share this future experience with all of you.... 
(actual pictures from our resort)
these are kinda grainy, but you get the idea of the beach and pool resorts, etc.

and the best part of all.........(Friday through Wednesday)

 isn't that just awful?!?!? ;) 
(My co-worker wished a hurricane upon us after asking what the weather was to be, ahaha)

We're blessed. 
And please as funny as it sounds, be praying for our travel and time away to recharge and just be 
so glad we had a postponed honeymoon. 

We're thankful for the predicted weather, for it being a COUPLES/ADULT only resort, and that it's already paid for, and that we don't have to worry about a thing but 
basking in the sun love we have for each other. :) 

See ya on the tanner side! 
(sorry aunt Julie, the sunscreen is stayin in Iowa. Okay, I lied it'll be in Beau's suitcase. He'll need it.)

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emangel said...

You will have so much fun! Can't wait to see you!